Consumer News: Adequan Returns To Market This Fall

Adequan is an effective, widely used medication for arthritis management in horse and dogs (see September 2011 “Is Adequan or Legend Best?”). The drug has been in limited supply for quite some time, with the supply totally depleted this past summer. This was due to FDA-initiated renovations at the manufacturing plant owned by Luitpold Animal Health. Regular production was set to resume in early 2014. 

Fortunately for the many horses relying on the drug, Luitpold, in conjunction with the FDA, announced an update on that plan with an anticipated release date of August 2013. 

Adequan is used both intramuscularly and intraarticularly for arthritis management. We will keep you apprised of all updates, or you can call Luitpold at 800-458-0163. You may also sign up for the Adequan newsletter at

Article by Contributing Veterinary Editor Deb M. Eldredge, DVM.

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