Horse Journal Online May 2014

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Article—PDF Page Number

Fly Mask Choices—3
Magnesium Supplementation—7
Ulcers in Horses—9
Barn Fire in Lexington KY—11
More Ticks in 2014—11
Keeping Our Trails Open – BCHA—11
Splints Happen—12
Longe Whip Techniques—13
Alltech Ends National Horse Show Support—13
Biosecurity in the Barn—14
How Safe is Your Horse’s Barn?—16
Did You Like The Rolex Kentucky Broadcast? We Did—17
Getting Hooked – Velcro Cleaners—18
The Best Equine Memorial—19
Media Critique: Dressage for the Not-So-Perfect Horse—20
Comeback Challenge From “A Home for Every Horse”—20
Mosquito Activity—21
Doppler for Laminitis—21
Pitch Fork Decisions—22
SmartPak Acquired by Henry Schein Animal Health—22
Connecticut Legislature Passes Law that Horses Are Not Inherently Vicious—23
Questions Surround Compounded Drug Use—23
Wobble Boards – Who Knew?—24
For FREE! FEI’s Information on “Equestrian Surfaces.” —24
Maybe It’s You—25
NBC News Addresses Equine Population—25
Their story is based on the latest USDA survey.—25
Be Kind to the New Vets—26
California Chrome Can Run!—26
Beezie Madden Injured—26
Horse Too Thin?—26
Your Horse Trainer’s Program Needs to Suit Your Goals —27
Tildren Now Approved in the USA!—28
Low-Tech Arena Maintenance—29
Horse Bowl in the Olympics—29
Wear Riding Helmets——30
It’s How To “Mind Your Melon”—30
Horse Journal’s —31
OnCall Service—31
Trick Training—32
Devon Live on USEFNetwork—32
The Baucher Snaffle: —33
How Does It Work?—33
Equine Coronavirus (ECoV)—34
Errors in Veterinary Medications—35
My Three Examples Of Why You Can’t Train All Horses The Same Way—36
Promising New Therapy for Joint Problems—37
Fly Armor—38
Hoof Dressings—40

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