Magazine Subscriptions

For questions regarding your subscription to one of our magazines, please go to our Magazines page and contact the Customer Service for the appropriate magazine.


Call: (717) 303-3790
Mail:, 4811 Jonestown Rd. #229, Harrisburg, PA 17109

Donation, Sponsorship Request Guidelines

The Equine Network is committed to being part of the equine community and working collaboratively with groups and organizations that desire to make a positive impact on the community as a whole. An opportunity to involve our company and publications in support of the work of these groups is something we value highly.

Because of the large number of appeals for donations and sponsorships, we must ask you to adhere to the following guidelines when making a request:

1. All requests must be mailed or faxed on the organization’s letterhead no less than six weeks prior to the start of the event. Email requests will not be considered.

Please mail requests to:
Attn: Alicia Smith
AIM Equine Network
4811 Jonestown Rd. #229
Harrisburg, PA 17109

Or fax requests to the attention of Alicia Smith at 717-303-3810.

2. All requests should include:

  • Brief description of the organization
  • Brief description of the event
  • Date, time and location of the event
  • Number of people expected to attend
  • Who or what the proceeds/donations will benefit
  • Tax ID number and filing status, if applicable
  • Specific description of what you are requesting (see item 3 for acceptable requests) and how it will be used (raffle, award, door prize, auction, etc.)
  • Daytime phone and email for the person making the request.

3. Donation requests that are typically considered include magazine gift subscriptions and copies of our magazines. There are some exceptions, so if you have something else in mind, please let us know. Except on very rare occasions, we do not offer monetary donations.

4. All donations will be mailed via the U.S. Postal Service unless an account number for a shipping company is provided by the requesting organization. The Equine Network and its magazines assume no responsibility for mail that is misrouted or lost.

5. Donations are limited to one request per organization per year.

Processing Your Request:

  • Allow 3-4 weeks for processing.
  • All requests will be acknowledged in writing.
  • All decisions made by the Equine Network and its publications are final.