A-maze Yourself in Kentucky: Get Lost in a Cornfield Maze with a WEG Theme!

When I say, ?Get lost?, I mean, get really lost. Get so lost they might have to send the bloodhounds out to find you. Get so lost the Hansel and Gretel jokes won’t be funny anymore. Get so lost you’ll be sure you’re on some sort of a trick video television show and the whole thing’s being filmed. Get so lost you ask a six-year-old for directions. And believe her.

That’s what could happen if you take time off from the Games and head out to Harrodsburg, about 15 miles from Lexington. You?re looking for Devine’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch on Talmage-Mayo Road (KY-1160). You can’t miss it, it’s all decorated for Halloween. And you’ll see all the cars.

Farm owner James Devine thought he would honor the World Equestrian Games by designing a maze in his cornfield that is, as you can see, a map of the Commonwealth with the state capitol building (which is 100 years old this year), the WEG horse-head logo, Alltech?s name, and lots more.The maze is open to the public (along with Devine’s harvest-themed farm stand) and is really putting this cornfield on the map.

The only thing better than a horsey corn maze would be two horsey corn mazes, and you can see a different approach to the art of corn mazes at Hintons Orchard in Hodgenville, Kentucky near Bardstown and the Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. Hintons Orchard, like the Devines, also salutes the horse, but uses a game format; the mile-long maze route has stations along its twisted route where maze explorers can stop and learn facts about horses that help them win the game.

So if you had any reservations that WEG might not turn out to be the fabulous event it was designed to be, just look up the cultural symbolism of mazes in the encyclopedia. This is bound to be a good omen. And a lot of fun. Look for the mazes out your airplane window if you are flying to Kentucky!

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