American Miniature Horses At Nationals Receiving SuperMask Fly Masks by Farnam

September 14, 2010? American Miniature Horses competing in the National Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are in for a big surprise thanks to Farnam Companies, Inc., a longtime sponsor of the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) National Championships. Every mini competing at the show will be given a SuperMask? Miniature Horse Fly Mask.

As a strong supporter of small equines, Farnam has produced the SuperMask? Miniature Horse Fly Mask in two sizes and three styles for small equines. ?The products that Farnam has developed for small equines are really beneficial, and the American Miniature Horse Registry is thrilled that Farnam will make the National Championships that much better by giving out 1,500 SuperMask? Miniature Horse Fly Masks,? said Johnny Robb, Director of Marketing for the AMHR.

The AMHR National Championship is the biggest event for small equines in the country, and the show determines the nation?s top Miniature Horses during this action packed week at the Expo Square Arena in Tulsa, September 9-19th. Admission is free and spectators can enjoy shopping in the mini-mall and watching a wide range of classes, from halter and driving to jumping and youth classes.

“We are always looking for ways to add value for our AMHR competitors, so we are grateful to Farnam for providing our competitors with SuperMask? Miniature Horse Fly Masks and for all they do each year to contribute to our show,” said Lenard Davenport, National Show Manager.

For the duration of the show, minis will be photographed in their SuperMask? fly masks for a future AMHR contest called ?Who Is This Masked Mini?? Mini owners are encouraged to take part in the contest and stay tuned for details and information about prizes. ?If you haven’t seen a mini wearing their SuperMask? then you have missed out on a really cute sight,? Robb said. ?Farnam has really outdone themselves this year because they are also sponsoring the 2010 Vetrolin Grooming Award, which will be awarded to the ?Best Groomed? Miniature Horse at the show. The winner will receive a year?s supply of Vetrolin? Grooming Products.?

For more information about the AMHR National Championship Show visit under Events or call (309) 263-4044