Catch All of the Action at Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race at the 2011 Equine Affaire

October 7, 2010–Equine Affaire, the premiere equine exposition and equestrian gathering in North America, will return to Fairplex in Pomona, CA, on February 3?6, 2011. In addition to presenting an exceptional educational program, a huge trade show, and Breed and Trail Riding Pavilions, Equine Affaire is once again teaming up with Craig Cameron to produce his trademarked Extreme Cowboy Race on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at the event. The 2011 Extreme Cowboy Race will be featured in the covered arena at Fairplex, and?as in past years?admission to the race will be included at no additional charge to Equine Affaire attendees. The Extreme Cowboy Race has been hugely popular at recent Equine Affaires in Pomona, and we’re expecting to see crowds filling the stands at the upcoming event in February to watch talented horse and rider teams negotiate a tough obstacle course at top speeds.

The Extreme Cowboy Race at Equine Affaire. The Extreme Cowboy Race?as seen on RFD-TV?is a timed and judged race through an obstacle course that is designed not only to push horse and rider teams out of their traditional ?comfort zones,? but also to test communication between horse and rider and the horsemanship skills and athletic abilities of each team. Race contestants will compete for the title of ?Extreme Cowboy Race Champion? and $4,250 in cash and other prizes.

The course for the race will feature obstacles and activities such as jumping and negotiating a variety of natural and unnatural elements, executing rollbacks and spins, performing a pole drag or calf carry, ground tying, moving cattle, etc. The race will be a timed event during which the performance of each horse and rider team will be judged on each obstacle for quality of horsemanship. Judges will award points on a scale of 1 to 10 for performance through each obstacle based on the following criteria: horsemanship, cadence, control, horse’s attitude, and overall execution. Horses and riders will be required to complete each obstacle within a given time in order to receive points. Ride times will be translated into points, and the team with the highest overall point score will be the 2011 Extreme Cowboy Race Champion.

A maximum of 36 horse/rider teams will be selected to participate in the race. The first 18 teams will compete Thursday evening and the remaining 18 qualifying runs will be held on Friday evening. The top 10 horse and rider teams plus one wild card team will advance to the Extreme Cowboy Race Challenge finals on Saturday night. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers. The first place team will receive $2,000 and earn the title of Extreme Cowboy Race Champion; the second place team will receive $1,500; and the third place team will receive $750. All prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the final phase of the race on Saturday night.

A Little Background on the Race. The Extreme Cowboy Race was initially created by Ryan Dohrn of along with Craig Cameron, who has designed and hosted numerous races at his Double Horn Ranch in Bluffdale, TX, at Equine Affaire, and other equine venues nationwide since 2005. The “Extreme Cowboy Race” spans 15, 30-minute episodes with each episode featuring horse-and-rider teams as they complete the course. The new season airs on RFD-TV with new episodes premiering each week. Each episode is also available on, or via podcast through iTunes and In 2008, Craig Cameron launched the Extreme Cowboy Association to serve as the governing body for this growing sport. The Extreme Cowboy Association provides rules and guidelines for Extreme Cowboy competitions as well as a central location where competitors can find competitions in their area.

Are You and Your Horse Up to the Challenge? The Extreme Cowboy Race will be open to riders age 18 and over and horses of all breeds. All horse and rider teams will compete against each other; there will be no ?divisions? based on gender or age. The entry fee for each horse/rider team is $375. Individual riders may compete with more than one horse in the race, but they must submit a separate application and fee for each horse they wish to enter in the race. Applications and videos are currently being received by Equine Affaire and forwarded to Craig Cameron who will select the 36 competitors for the race. The application deadline is December 6, 2010. To obtain all of the details on the race and an entry form, consult or or contact Paula Woodward at (740) 845-0085 ext. 109 or [email protected].

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