Chester Weber Named Chef d’ Equipe for United States Pair and Pony Pair Teams

August 13, 2011?-Chester Weber?s contributions to the sport of Combined Driving are many and recently his expertise was recognized again when he was named the Chef d? Equipe of the U.S. Pair and Pony Teams. Weber served as Chef d? Equipe for the Pony Teams in 2007 and 2009, and this will be his first time as Chef d? Equipe for the Pair Team. He was nominated for the Chef d? Equipe position by the Pair and Pony Team sub committees and chosen by the Driving High Performance committee. Weber recently returned from competing in Europe, where he racked up an impressive round of wins. While overseas, he was mentored by Ed Young, Chef d? Equipe for the US Four-in-Hand teams.

?I have been working with Ed Young since 2006 and am pleased that he could support both me and all of the U.S. drivers in Europe,? said Weber. ?Our pair drivers just drove their first Nations Cup show in preparation for the World Pair Championships in Conty, France at the end of August. I will be the Chef d? Equipe at that show and at the World Pony Driving Championships in Lipica, Slovenia in September. Ed is also the vice chair of the High Performance Committee and has been a great resource for me.?

Weber has been working with Team Coach Michael Freund since 1998, and they will do their part to help the US Pair and Pony Teams reach the medal podium. Weber?s marked enthusiasm for the sport and eighteen years of experience will no doubt give this year?s pony and pair teams an edge. The pair team has no previous international championship experience, and while they are all seasoned equestrians in their own right, having the knowledge and leadership of a seasoned international competitor will boost their odds.

?My hopes are that we can create a medal finish for the teams while exposing our drivers to the sport at the highest level and increasing their depth of experience,? Weber said. ?As a competitor I can relate to the pressure put on drivers at the international level.? Weber added that, ?serving as Chef d? Equipe provides me a unique view of the sport. It gives me a great perspective and the ability to interact with the officials in a different role. My goal is to create a synergy within our team; I love thinking about strategy and working with competitive individuals on how to band together.?

Weber is currently ranked first in the FEI World Cup Standings for Four-in-Hand Combined Driving. Weber?s super star team of his Para, Senate and Horus du Bois combined with Jane Clark?s Spash and Uniek proved to be an unstoppable force in Europe this summer. Coming off his brilliant performance at the CHIO Aachen and wins at CAIO Vecses, CAI Altenfelden, and CAI Riesenbeck, Weber now plans to defend his National Championship Four-in-Hand title at the U.S. Driving Championships in September.

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