Clinton Anderson Brings “Idiot Proof” Horsemanship to National Network

October 1, 2010?Imagine being in the mix of a wild-eyed, 1,200 pound animal running out of control, narrowly escaping a horse barreling straight towards you with barred teeth or being on the back of a bucking bronc. For world-renowned horse trainer and clinician, Clinton Anderson, it’s all in a day?s work.

Join the native Australian in the first weekly horse training series on FSN as he works with problem horses using his Downunder Horsemanship Method to transform horses from unruly nightmares to safe and enjoyable partners. DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP Debuts Sunday, Jan. 2. on Fox Sports Net.

No stranger to stepping into the ring with dangerous horses, Clinton has been honing his skills as a horseman since he started riding at age 6. While completing a two year apprenticeship under one of Australia?s top horsemen, he started over 600 wild brumbies straight from the Outback. Working with the rogue horses sharpened Clinton?s horsemanship skills and gave him a deep appreciation for understanding the psychology behind safely working with horses.

A lifelong student of horsemanship, Clinton has accumulated an immense amount of knowledge on gaining the trust and respect of unsafe, disrespectful horses and learning to communicate with them. The culmination of his knowledge is the Downunder Horsemanship Method ? a step-by-step approach to safely training horses.

After fixing the problem horse, Clinton will show the owner how they can become a natural and competent leader for their horse. Clinton?s quick wit, practical knowledge and horse sense will push him through never-ending challenges and the most perilous situations.

?Horses are big, strong animals and when they don’t respect their handlers, they?re downright dangerous. It’s only natural to be scared of a horse that is dragging you around, kicking or rearing. I never tell people to ignore fear. In fact, I encourage them to listen to it and then learn how to control the situation,? Clinton says. ?By understanding how to communicate with your horse using the Downunder Horsemanship Method, you’ll learn to be confident around your horse so that you can relax and enjoy your relationship.?

DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP airs weekly on FSN. Check local listings for airtimes.

About Clinton Anderson

Clinton Anderson is the star and host of FSN?s new series DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP. He began his quest of becoming the best horseman he could by apprenticing under top Australian trainers Gordon McKinlay and Ian Francis. In 1996 Clinton moved to America to continue training horses and apprenticed under Al Dunning, winner of multiple AQHA World Championships, before beginning to train under his own name. Clinton?s passion is training reiners and cow horses, and he has been successful in both competitive arenas. He is the first two-time champion of the Road to the Horse Colt Starting Challenge that gives horsemen three hours to gentle and ride an untouched colt.

Today, he owns Downunder Horsemanship headquartered in Stephenville, Texas where he strives to inspire the dreams of horsemen by producing innovative home study courses and offering horsemanship clinics. Clinton regularly travels the country sharing his Downunder Horsemanship Method of training horses at Walkabout Tours and headlines at equine expos around the world. Find out more about Clinton at

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