You and Your Horse Could Star on Downunder Horsemanship TV

November 30, 2011–When clinician Clinton Anderson began airing Downunder Horsemanship on Fox Sports Net last year, he had no idea how popular the series would become.

In fact, the half-hour show has evolved from Anderson just working with problem horses and their owners to visiting with horsemen about their personal successes and helping them overcome challenges.

Because of an overwhelming response from horse owners across the country wanting help with their horses, needing a confidence boost or just wanting to share their horsemanship success stories, Downunder Horsemanship has created a “Casting Call” webpage on its website to better organize potential stories.

The page currently offers nine submission categories:

Inspire Us ? Have horses and the Method changed your life?

Confidence ? Are you searching for lost confidence?

Last Resort ? Is your horse a threat to your life or other horses?

Horse Power ? Do you use horses in your everyday life?

Competition ? Have you or do you want to use the Method to gain a competitive edge?

Undesirable Match ? Are you in a bad horse relationship?

Coping with Losses and Challenges ? Have horses helped you cope with a loss or overcome life?s challenges?

Relationships ? Have horses brought you and your family and friends closer together?

Other ? Have a story or problem that isn?t listed? Share it with us!

Anderson and his film crew will travel to selected horse owners? homes (at no expense to the horse owner) for filming. Visit the Casting Call webpage to learn more about the types of stories Downunder Horsemanship is looking for and how to submit an application for consideration.

More information on Downunder Horsemanship airtimes on Fox Sports Net and RFD-TV.

Watch hour-long Downunder Horsemanship episodes. 

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