Dutch Warmblood

Breed Name: Dutch Warmblood

Origin: Netherlands

Physical Characteristics:

The KWPN (Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands) breeding goal is to produce a horse that can perform at the Grand Prix level. He should be agreeable and good natured, with good conformation and a correct way of moving. His appearance should be refined and noble.

Dutch Warmblood horses usually stand over 16 hands, with some reaching 17 hands. The most predominent colors are bay and chestnut, but blacks and greys are also seen. White markings on the face and legs are common. The head is fine, usually with a straight profile. The neck is long and arched, meeting fairly prominent withers. The shoulder is well-sloped and the girth is deep, with plenty of heart room. The forelegs are strong, with well-muscled forearms. The hindquarters are powerful and the hock joints are low to the ground. These factors combine to give great power to the “engine” of the Dutch Warmblood.


The Dutch Warmblood is a modern sport horse derived from the selective breeding of German, French and English horses crossed with the native Dutch stock. Over the last 200 years there have been frequent infusions of “foreign” blood from France, Holstein, Hannover, England, as well as Arabian and Thoroughbred blood.

Warmblood breeding in the Netherlands is more than a century old. In earlier days, farmers wanted a “Sunday” horse that would move proudly and impressively so they could show off on their way to the market, church or family visits.

In a relatively short time, modern Dutch sport horses have rocketed to international competitive importance in hunter, jumper, dressage and harness sports. Famous for their character, soundness and athleticism, Dutch Warmbloods are exported to all corners of the globe and are winners under the flags of many different nations in international competitions and Olympic Games.

Primary Uses:

Dutch Warmbloods are outstanding hunters, jumpers, dressage and carriage horses.

Famous Horses:

Dressage: Ravel, Pop Art, Idocus, Parzival, Totilas, Painted Black

Jumping: Hickstead, Authentic, Judgement, No Mercy, Okidoki

Four-in-Hand: Chester Weber’s Jamaica, Boy W, Parava, Rolex

Discipline Association:KWPN-NA.org

(Information provided by The Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America)

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