Ellen Rapp

Ellen Rapp
Born: July19,1982
Residence:La Motte, IA

Ellen Rapp, is a relative newcomer to the international world of endurance, but she is already making a name for herself. In order to train year-round, Ellen has moved from Iowa to Florida to better herself at the sport she loves.

In February 2010, Rapp represented the US at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Al Wathba President?s Cup in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. In the UAE, she and Jeremy Olson?s SA Belshazzar finished forty-first out of one hundred and six competitors.

Rapp also competed another horse of Olson?s the Arabian Berjo Smokey in 2009 competition season. They were second in the CEI 1* at the Goethe Challenge. In October placed second in the Kentucky Cup ride held in Lexington, KY.

Berjo Smokey has proven he can be very competitive and is known for his excellent recoveries.

More about Rapp’s horses:

Names: Berjo Smokey, ?Smoke? and SA Belshazzar, ?Zar?

Grooms: Jeremy Olson (owner), Eryn Rapp, Paula Rapp and Craig Olson


?Smoke? really enjoys training; he loves his job and working hard. Every time he goes on a training ride he gives 110%, he loves to run and climb hills. His job is number one on his list and he also enjoys his time off spent in the pastures.

?Zar? loves to be brushed and pet. He is a very people friendly horse and will always come up to you in the pasture. He loves to look at you when you are saddling him, brushing him, and feeding him. He is a very forward horse and always wants more, he loves to sprint and run hard!


?Smoke? likes his alone time. He loves to eat treats, but prefers to be left alone in his time off.

?Zar? does not like to be tied. He also does not like to walk in training…his gait of choice would be a gallop.


?Smoke? is more of an independent horse, he loves to work, but prefers to spend his time off out in the pasture. He gets along well with other horses. He love to train and race, but does not trust strangers. He is more of a one person horse.

?Zar? is a horse who needs lot of attention. He loves people and enjoys being brushed, pet, and handled. He will come up to you out in the pasture and is very friendly with other horses. Zar also loves to work, but wants the extra attention on his time off as well.

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