Emily Hogye

Emily Hogye
Born: February 29, 1996

Emily is the youngest member of the FACE team. She started vaulting at age three in a recreational program at Pegasus Vaulting Club. Shortly thereafter, she became a member of Brookside Vaulting Club when her mother founded it.

Emily now competes in both individual and team vaulting. She was a part of the FACE team in 2008 that earned a bronze medal at the World Championships in the Czech Republic. In addition to vaulting, Emily is an avid rider. She is a part of the Santa Cruz County Pony Club and the Santa Cruz County Horseman?s Association.

Things to know about Emily.

Education: I am a part Covenant Family Tutorial, a homeschool program. I go to a class once a week where I recieve new assignments to do over the next

week and turn in my completed assignments. I am studying logic, latin, writing, history, government, and literature at the class. I do a math program online and science provided by an Education Specialist.

Hobbies: Riding, horses, more horses, vaulting, dance

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Book: I love reading about horses – encyclopedias, manuals, and my new book “Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage.”

Favorite Movie: That’s a tough one, I love “Twilight” but I LOVE horse movies, like “Flicka” or “Seabiscuit.”

What I love about vaulting: I love the artistry and connection with the horse in vaulting. I love creating a dance between the horse and rider, and I love how vaulting transfers to riding.

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