Whether you are a competitor at heart or are looking for a sport for your entire family, endurance riding has something for everyone. Endurance riding combines riding a challenging course with your equine partner and the fun and camaraderie of camping and socializing with a group of individuals who share your same interests.

Riders compete in endurance (50-100 miles in one day) and limited distance (25-35 miles) events. The national organizing body for endurance riding, the American Endurance Ride Conference, offers annual national and regional awards as well as mileage awards for both riders and their horses.

The challenge of endurance riding is to complete the course with a horse that is fit to continue — always respecting the motto of AERC: “To finish is to win.” A panel of control judges supervises the horses before the ride and at required holds during the ride. Each one must also pass a post-ride exam in order to receive credit for completing the ride.

In addition to providing a challenging athletic endeavor for both recreational riders and those with international competitive aspirations, endurance rides promote the importance of open-space preservation for future generations and a continuing appreciation for our American heritage.

Discipline Association: American Endurance Riding Conference

Information provided by the AERC and the U.S. Equestrian Federation.

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