Equine Hoof Health

It’s easy to take our horses? hooves for granted, but the reality is that hooves are the horse’s foundation and need to be kept healthy to promote soundness and performance.

AQHA offers an in-depth look at horse hoof health and some of the common hoof problems many horses face in the EquineHoof Health report.

-Do you know how often your horse should be shod?

-Do you know exactly what your farrier is doing and why it’s important?

-Do you know what type of shoes your horse needs based on the events he participates in?

-Could you spot thrush or an abscess?

-Would you have a plan of action if your horse developed founder, white line disease or another serious hoof problem?

Equine Hoof Health answers these questions and more. Also in this downloadable report, learn the safe ways to handle your horse’s feet and how to deal with a horse who?s reluctant to let you pick up his foot.

Learn causes and treatments of navicular, laminitis, white line disease, cracks and flares. Plus, understand why horseshoes sometimes fall off and learn ways to ensure they stay in place on your horse’s feet.

Equine Hoof Health contains thorough diagrams of a horse’s hoof and lower leg, plus descriptions of farrier techniques and procedures, including special shoes that correct specific problems.

For more information on hoof health go to American Quarter Horse Association.

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