Feed Hay to Keep Your Horse Warm

Ignore the old groom's tale that they need corn to keep warm!

Skin and coat play important roles in your horse’s health, of course. And you know they require proper nutritional support, which is why so many of us feed a hoof supplement that does double-duty as an all-around supplement (remember, hooves, coat and skin all require the same nutrients). 

But in winter you may need to increase calories, too, to ensure that all parts of your horse’s body gets the nutrients needed. That’s because when calories and nutrients are in short supply, the horse’s body will send them to more critical organs first, so skin and hooves may get shortchanged. 

There’s a simple formula you can use to combat this, and all you have to do is pay attention to the outside temperatures. 

In the winter, feed your horse about 2 lbs. of hay more for every 10° the temperature drops below 40°, which is the critical temperature for your horse. You’ll keep him happy, healthy and warm. 

Note: Many people still think grain, especially corn, contributes to your horse’s warmth in the winter. However, it’s the digestion of hay that keeps the horse warm.

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