Fight Flies

Why Fight Flies?

Use a fly mask this summer to give your horse protection against pesky flies. Photo courtesy of Farnam.

Fly control keeps your horse comfortable. But that’s not the reason to minimize flies.

Flies and other biting insect pose a major health threat to your horse and you. Flies carry a number of dangerous diseases that become more of a problem as fly populations increase.

Flies live, feed and breed filth, where germs, bacteria and communicable diseases thrive. Good hygiene is critical to keeping flies and other filthy problems under control.

Start With a Strategy

Effective fly control means eliminating flies on all fronts, at all life stages in the fly life cycle. Eliminating immature flies reduces the number of biting, breeding adult flies you have to deal with.

No single fly product will solve your fly-control problem. You need an overall plan to get rid of flies where they live, feed and breed. For maximum effectiveness, attack flies on all fronts: on your horse, in the barn and around outdoor areas.

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Farnam offers Centaura insect repellent for horses and riders.

FAQ: Farnam?s Centaura Spray

Q: What is the active ingredient in Centaura spray?

A: Centaura spray contains 20 percent Picaridin.

Q: What is Picaridin and how does it work?

A: The repellent evaporates from the skin into the air forming a layer that interferes with the insect?s ability to ?see? the animal. This layer interferes with the blood-seeking arthropod?s attractant mechanisms. The layer of Picaridin camouflages the attractants emitted by the human and equine host and the arthropod cannot find this host because it cannot smell it.

Q: How is Centaura spray applied?

A: Hold 4-6 inches from body while spraying, keeping nozzle pointed away from face. Slightly moisten skin or hair coat with a slow sweeping motion. Excessive amounts or frequent reapplication are not necessary. Do not spray directly on face. Apply on face by first spraying small amounts in palms of hands and spreading on face and neck, avoiding eyes. Do not apply to the hands of small children.

Q: How many applications will one 15-ounce can of Centaura spray provide?

A: One 15-ounce container of Centaura spray will treat eight to 15 horses/applications. Excessive amounts or frequent reapplication is unnecessary.

Q: How efficacious is Centaura spray, how long does it last?

A: Centaura spray provides long-lasting, 12-hour effective protection from flies, mosquitoes and ticks.

Q: Does Centaura spray kill flies, mosquitoes and ticks or is it only a repellent?

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A: Centaura spray is a repellent only.

Q:Can I use Centaura spray on my horse’s face?

A: Yes, Centaura spray can be applied to areas of the horse’s face and ears but not by spraying. Apply by spraying small amounts in the palms of your hands and spreading on the horse’s ears and face, avoiding the eyes. Do not apply to the hands of small children.


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