Good News for WEG: Gas Is Cheaper in Lexington!

What a lot of people forget about Lexington, Kentucky is that when the World Equestrian Games aren’t on, it’s usually quite a bargain to visit the Bluegrass. And there will still be plenty of bargains to be had. You can park your car for 24 hours at the Blue Grass Airport for $8; that would cost you $25 (or more) here at Boston’s airport, and a lot more downtown.

Taxis are cheaper there, too, although I recall that the drivers are often smokers, so give a sniff before you climb into a cab if you’re sensitive to cigarette smoke.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn today that gasoline is particularly cheap in Lexington, although there is quite a variation in prices. You can buy a gallon of gas today for $2.58 right on Newtown Pike on the way to the Kentucky Horse Park. That’s quite a bit more than it is here but it is still roughly six cents below the national average.

Who knows where gas prices may be by the time September rolls around, but at least you know that the gas will be affordable. And if some of the gas stations raise their prices to gouge the WEG crowd, you can smirk because you read this blog and know to go to; that’s where you will find out where the best gas prices are!

If you’re traveling to Lexington by car, you can check gas prices along the way with or find out if your GPS system has a gas station price interface.

Probably more fun, though, is the new TripTik iPhone app (it’s free!) from AAA. It will tell you what the prices for gas are on the highway ahead of you. TripTik also gives directions, shows you maps of an area, recommends hotels and restaurants, and it will work on your new iPad or iPod too.