Irish Sport Horse

Breed Name: Irish Sport Horse

Origin: Ireland

Physical Description:

The Irish Sport Horse is an athletic horse with outstanding jumping ability and movement. Irish Sport Horses are sound and intelligent and are known for their excellent temperament and gentle nature. Stallions are generally taller than 1.6m. Mares are generally 1.51m to 1.61m. Bone is good, strong, clean. Any color is acceptable.


The main composite breeds of the Irish Sport Horse are the Irish Draught and the Thoroughbred. Varying proportions of these breeds result in the production of the traditional Irish Sport Horse. In recent years there has also been a significant infusion of Continental Warmblood breeds in the Irish Sport Horse.Irish Draught Horse:

The Irish Draught horse is a light draught breed that developed as a working horse on Irish farms. The breed is renowned for its strength, intelligence, courage, durability and gentle temperament. Irish Draught Horses are known for their versatility and are found competing in every aspect of equestrian sport.

Ireland has always been famous for the production of top class Thoroughbreds. Irish bred Thoroughbreds have been used for centuries to infuse blood and athleticism into our sport horses.

Irish Sport Horse:
The Irish Draught and Thoroughbred has proved to be a very successful cross and gives the Irish Sport Horse its unique and much sought after characteristics of strength, intelligence, athleticism, versatility and above all, a wonderful temperament. Irish Sport Horses have traveled all over the world and are found competing successfully at the highest level in every equestrian discipline.

Primary Uses:

Eventing, Showjumping, Dressage, Leisure riding

Famous Horses:

Flexible (ISH) 1996 stallion by Cruising (ISH) out of Flex (ISH) by Safari (TB),

Mr. Medicott (ISH) gelding by Cruising (ISH), out of Slieveluachra (ISH), by Edmund Burke (TB).

Ben Along Time (ISH) 1995 gelding by Cavalier Royale (HOLST), out of Campaigner?s Dream (ISH), by Campaigner (TB).

Cruising (ISH) 1985 stallion by Sea Crest (RID) out of Mullacrew (ISH) by Nordlys (TB).

Ringwood Cockatoo (ISH) 1991 gelding by Peacock (FR)(TB) out of Baileys Folly (ISH)

Breed Association: Irish Sport Horse Studbook (maintained by Horse Sport Ireland).

(Information provided by the Irish Sport Horse Studbook)

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