Purina Horse Feed Donates $10,000 to Rebuild SIUC Equine Science Program

September 9, 2009 — Purina Horse Feed has donated $10,000 to the Southern Illinois University – Carbondale (SIUC) Equine Science Program in an effort to help rebuild the SIUC Horse Center after an inland hurricane struck Carbondale, Ill., on May 8, 2009. The SIUC Equine Science Program and Horse Center has been instrumental in past research and field testing of Purina?s Equine Senior® horse feed.

“Our hope is that this donation allows the program to continue as uninhibited as possible, and it shows other people how important SIUC’s commitment is to equine support and education,” said Equine Unit Manager, Purina Mills, LLC, Mike Jerina. “Purina is committed to supporting horses and the equine industry as a whole.”

The SIUC Equine Science Program provides food and shelter to fifty horses and educates future professionals in the horse industry. The 2,000 acre SIUC farm system is the heart of the Equine Science program and various research endeavors. Purina’s donation will help facilitate reconstruction of damages and other immediate needs throughout the SIUC Horse Center.

“It’s going to take a long time and a lot of construction before we can establish safe access to all of our pastures,” said Director of the Equine Science Program, SIUC, Dr. Sheryl King. “There is an estimated $450,000 worth of damage to the entire Horse Center .”

The fifty horses housed at the SIUC Horse Center were unharmed during the inland hurricane, however, all animal support facilities were destroyed or heavily damaged, including barns, feed mills and miles of fencing surrounding the horse pastures.

“I found over the years that you learn who your true friends are in times of diversity, and Purina is a true friend,” said Dr. King. “Their much needed donation will help us provide adequate feed supply for our horses. As a corporation, they are wonderful, and I would help Purina in any way possible.”

The SIUC Horse Center is still in need of donations. For more information on donating to the SIUC?s Horse Program Relief Fund, contact Sheryl King at 618-453-1771 or by email at sking@siu.edu.

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