Rider Exercises for Fitness

Participants at the Lingh.nl Tool Box Symposium were shown these Balimo??? exercises on the ground to stretch their bodies, allowing more freedom of movement and balance once they got back on their horse:

Exercise 1

On a floor mat, lay stomach down, with legs flat and head turned left.
Extend your left arm out from the shoulder.
Raise and lower your left arm from the mat.
While doing so, alternate keeping your hand in line with your arm and bending your hand up, perpendicular to the arm.

Exercise 2

Repeat Exercise 1 with your right knee bent (bring your foot toward your body and keep your left leg straight).
Make sure your head is still turned left.
After 10 repetitions, repeat these 2 exercises. For Exercise 1, turn your head right and extend your right arm. In Exercise 2, your left knee will be bent and your head will be turned right, as you lift your right arm.

Exercise 3

Lay flat on your back and hold your shoulders flat to the mat (or a helper can hold it.)
Turn your head right.
Bring your right knee to the left across your other leg. Breathe and allow the release.
Return your right leg to the ground.
Bring your left knee across your other leg and breathe, as you allow the release.

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