See a Full-Sized Jump Made Out of Cupcakes at the Washington International Horseshow

January 14, 2012–Sophie and Katherine, the sisters who own Georgetown Cupcake, have a huge order from the Washington International Horse Show to make a full-sized horse jump out of cupcakes. Horses jumping over cupcakes? Why yes! The country’s leading indoor metropolitan horse show is just a few blocks away from Sophie and Katherine’s Georgetown Cupcake shop. A special jump made from the now famous sweets was a surprise addition to an exciting evening of world-class show jumping competition. Tune in to see if any of the horses, riders or fans got to eat one!

At the same time, the sisters attempt to break the world record for largest cupcake. With the help of Mommy and Sophie’s nuclear engineer husband Steve, they set out to bake a one ton cupcake, first finding an oven huge enough for all 2000 pounds of homemade batter, and then baking it to perfection.

Both projects push the sisters, Mommy and Steve to their limits as they challenge themselves to go big or go home.

Horses jumping over cupcakes? How delicious! Tune this coming Monday night to see if any of the horses, riders or fans got to eat one!

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DC CUPCAKES shares the recipe to Sophie and Katherine’s sweet success, following their journey as they navigate the challenges and rewards of building a booming cupcake business. Each half-hour episode goes beyond the frosting to capture the behind-the-scenes drama in their fast paced, family-owned bakery. From baking and decorating thousands of gourmet cupcakes a day, to meeting tight deadlines for discerning clientele, to securing large projects such as fundraisers, festivals and weddings, there is never a dull moment with this sister duo. Mixing in their Mother (“Mommy”) — who plays a big part in running the family business — adds to the chaos and family drama. The other staff members are as colorful as their cupcake creations–their small workspace, sprinkled with the high volume of business, leads to family bickering and staff tension that has more icing flying through the air than on the cupcakes.

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