The American Trakehner Association Announces 2009 Futurity Awards

March 2, 1010–The American Trakehner Association (ATA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2009 Futurity Awards. These awards are presented to the top young Trakehner horses who have achieved the highest scores for their disciplines during the 2009 season. Over $500,000 has been paid out in the ATA Futurity to date.

Horses born in 2005 or later are eligible for nomination for the upcoming futurity competitions. Horses nominated for the futurity have several opportunities to win. As three-year-olds, horses nominated for the In-Hand Division compete in Dressage Sport Horse Breeding In-Hand classes at USDF recognized shows. As 4?? to 5 year olds, horses nominated for the Dressage Division compete at Training Level at USDF recognized shows. The futurity has recently been expanded to include the opportunity to nominate horses to compete as 4?? to 5 year olds in the Eventing Division in which horses compete at Novice Level at USEA recognized shows, in the Hunter Division in which horses compete at Pre-Green (3?) Level at USEF recognized shows and in the Jumper Division in which horses compete at Level 3 (3?6?) at USEF recognized shows.

The 2009 Futurity winners are as follows:

2009 In Hand Futurity ? Horses born in 2006

First: Hunter?s Halo ORB-A-M2785 (by Fandango out of Hunter’s Legacy by Pyatt Charly); bred by Sherry Tourino; owned by Paula Schapiro-Towey. Won $1,305.00

Second: Donauseraph ORB-A-M2744 (by Tradition *Pb* out of Donaut??nzerin by Hadrian); bred and owned by Carol Poulin-Taylor. Won $783.00

Third: Elfenperfekt ORB-A-S2078 (by Peron *Pg* out of Elfentraum by Zauberklang *E*); bred and owned by Alice and Peter Drayer. Won $522.00

2009 Dressage Futurity ? Horses born in 2004

First: Imminence OSB-A-S407 (by Beaujolais II out of Insouciant by Martini *Pg*E*); bred and owned by Jean Brinkman; ridden by Erin Brinkman. Won $2,191.73

Second: Morena Mia ORB-A-M2646 (by Leonidas *Pg* out of Meriah *Pb* by Erzsand *Ps*E*); bred, owned and ridden by A. Whit Watkins. Won $1,826.44

Third: Froschkuss ORB-A-M2656 (by Leonidas *Pg* out of Fire Angel by Emeer); bred and owned by John and Kari Cassel; ridden by Kendra Menzies. Won $1,461.15

Fourth: Arwen ORB-A-M2705 (by Donauf??rst *Ps*E* out of Arabella by Kartacz); bred, owned and ridden by Veronica Pedersen. Won $1,095.86

Fifth: Perennial ORB-D-M1281 (by Emeer out of Prescription Only by Artic); bred, owned and ridden by Nancy Winning. Won $730.50

About the ATA:

The American Trakehner Association (ATA) was established in 1974 as a non-profit association of breeders, owners, and friends for the promotion and preservation, in the Western Hemisphere, of the warmblood horse of Trakehner origin. The ATA serves a number of purposes including:

  • Maintaining a public registry of Trakehner horses.
  • Marking and branding approved stallions, mares and foals with the Association’s corporate seal.
  • Disseminating information to breeders, owners and friends pertaining to the breeding and raising of Trakehner horses.
  • Promoting the performance of the Trakehner horse in dressage, three-day eventing, hunting, jumping, driving and other sporting disciplines.
  • Encouraging a public understanding of the Trakehner horse, its breeding and performance.

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