5 Clutter Busters to Get You Ready for Spring

Credit: Thinkstock Invest in additional hooks and hangers in your tack room to avoid cluttered spots.

If your goals for 2015 included getting organized, you’re in luck! These five “Clutter Busters” will help you achieve your goals and help you fight clutter all year long.

Clean-up for a good cause: There’s likely at least one, if not more, non-profit horse organizations in your area. Clear out unused blankets, tack and other items that are not used at your barn and donate them to a facility that can use the items. Let your boarders know what you are doing so they can contribute. Don’t forget to save receipts as donations to certain charities are tax deductible.

Corral cans: Do boarders and lesson riders arrive with bottles of water or sports drinks to stay hydrated during their visit to the barn? Do the cans and bottles get forgotten when they leave, meaning you have to pick them up off of fence posts, rails, barn aisles and hay bales? Designate an area for general recyclables and encourage your boarders to help the barn “get green.” If your state pays refunds, set up a separate container for refund bottles. Use the refund to purchase needed supplies or treat clients to pizza or snacks.

Abundant hooks and hangers: Do halters, extra reins and other equipment end up on the floor because boarders try to put too much onto one hook or hanger? Invest in additional hangers and hooks to avoid clutter on the floor and over-full tack rooms.

Not your clutter?: This is the most offensive type of clutter, because it’s not even your clutter!How many times has a boarder moved out or a lesson rider moved on to another barn and left behind equipment? If you can’t get it back to its original owner, donate it, sell it or toss it. Don’t just leave it piled up collecting dust and mold.

Have a vision: Before cleaning out a space envision what you’d like to do with it once the clutter disappears. A definite purpose for a newly cleared area will limit clutter from creeping back in.

And here’s an extra time-saving tip for you!

Top it off: Fill the gas tanks in utility vehicles, tractors and even vehicles at the end of the day. That way if you’re running late in the morning, it’s one less thing to worry about. You’ll be especially thankful if you’re racing Mother Nature to do chores, plow snow and salt walkways.

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