5 Clutter Busters for Winter

Credit: Thinkstock Take charge of the clutter in your barn to make your day go smoother.

How long does it take you to find a grooming tool, extension cord, spurs or other piece of equipment you’re searching for?If you can’t find the item you’re looking for in a few minutes, it’s time to admit that clutter has taken hold of your barn.

Regain control and cut through clutter with these five clutter-busting tips for winter.

Sort by Season

Summer and fall won’t be back for another 12 months. Launder fly sheets, rain sheets and other equipment only used in these seasons and stow them in containers until next year. Make sure the containers are labeled appropriately to make them easier to find next year.

Limit a Daily To-Do list to Three Items

Barn managers and stable ownershave endless “to-do” lists. It’s likely that not every item in the list is truly necessary. Choose three of the most important tasks to accomplish each day and dedicate all your energy to accomplishing those specific goals each day.

Final Sweep

Prior to leaving the barn at night scan the aisle(s), tack room(s) and office for any items left behind. Spending five minutes at the end of the day straightening up creates a less stressful morning the following day.

Get Inspired

Search Pinterest, Instagram and other social media sites to find clutter-busting tips that workfor others. Many suggestions will relate to the poster’s home, but in many cases can easily be modified to work in the barn, too.

Hire a Professional to Help

Getting organized can be overwhelming. Consider bringing in a professional when the task seems too daunting. Organizations like the National Association of Organizing Professionals provide referrals for local clutter-busting professionals. The website Napo.net also offers clutter busting tips on its blog and social media sites.

Take control of clutter at your barn this year with these five tips and check back for more tips to organize your barn.

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