American Quarter Horse

Breed Name: American Quarter Horse

Credit: americanquarterhorse-king7

Origin: American

Physical Description:

If you have ever seen a horse in one of rodeo’s timed events, been along for work on a ranch or watched a Western on the big or small screen, nine times out of ten you have witnessed an American Quarter Horse.


These heavily muscled, compact horses could run a short distance over a straightaway faster than any other horse, and the fastest were called Celebrated American Quarter Running Horses by English colonists in the 1600s. In 1940 a registry was formed to preserve the breed which officially became the American Quarter Horse.

There are 16 recognized colors of American Quarter Horses including the most prominent color of sorrel (brownish red). The others are bay, black, brown, buckskin, chestnut, dun, red dun, gray, grullo, palomino, red roan, blue roan, bay roan, perlino and cremello.

It’s interesting to note that the quarter-mile is still the most popular distance for racing American Quarter Horses, and the best blaze the 440 yards in 21 seconds or less.

Primary Uses:

The versatile Quarter Horse is used in racing, ranching, trail riding, rodeo, reining, cutting, western competition, English competition, dressage

Famous Horses:

Wimpy P-1 was a product of the King Ranch breeding program. He received the first registration number issued by the American Quarter Horse Association after being selected grand champion stallion at the 1941 Fort Worth Livestock Show.

Other influential foundation stallions include King P-234, Leo, Poco Bueno and Three Bars (TB). In more recent years, the stallion Rugged Lark served as a AQHA Ambassador to the 1996 Olympics and wowed audiences across the United States with his bridleless performances at major equine events.

Carrying the versatility of the breed into the 21st century, almost 97 percent of horses competing in international reining competition and that will be featured during the Alltech/FEI World Equestrian Games, are American Quarter Horses.

Breed AssociationAmerican Quarter Horse Association

(Information provided by the American Quarter Horse Association)

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