Endurance Riding Associations

American Endurance Ride Conference
The American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) was founded in 1972 as a national governing body for long distance riding, promoting the sport of endurance riding and encourages and enforces the safetyof horses within the sport. Includes membership information, as well as details of various awards programs, education programs etc. offered by the AERC.

American Trail Horse Association
The American Trail Horse Association, (ATHA) is an Association dedicated to promoting of the American Trail Horse and, through education and registration, recognizing and acknowledging all trail horses, regardless of breed. Members can find information about registration, certification and the various programs available to members.

Australian Endurance Riders Association
Official Web site of the Australian Endurance Riders Association. Includes membership regulations, information about scheduled rides, rider rankings and informative section on getting started in the sport of endurance riding in Australia.

Endurance GB
Endurance GB is the governing body for the sport of Endurance (Competitive Long Distance) Riding Great Britain, formulating the rules and organising rides to cater for all levels of ability. Find listings of regional groups, a schedule of sanctioned rides and training rides, as well as information for people new to the sport.

Endurance Net
An excellent online resource for Endurance and Long Distance Riders. Find information about the AERC, a calendar of events, regional groups, reference articles and more.

National Association of Competitive Mounted Orienteering
A sort of treasure hunt on horseback, Competitive Mounted Orienteering (CMO) is the sport of covering from 5 to 15 miles on horseback in which the participants find 5 – 10 markers using a provided map and a compass. Find ride schedules and results, regional news, photos and more.

Scottish Endurance Riding Club
The Scottish Endurance Riding Club (SERC) promotes the sport of endurance riding and organizes training rides, as well as competitive rides throughout Scotland. Find information about regional branches, ride dates and membership information.

Tevis Cup Ride Home Page
The Western States Trail Ride – 100 Miles in One Day. This web site is full of information for competitors and helpers — clickable trail maps, trivia, application forms and more.

UK Chasers
UK Chasers offer a number of cross country rides for their members, enabling them to ride in some of the loveliest countryside not normally available to the public.

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