Build a Horse Saddle Stand for Hauling Horse Saddles

Build a simple saddle stand for stowing your saddle in the back of an SUV or pickup. This compact item takes just a few tools and about an hour of your time.

Build a simple horse saddle stand designed specifically for hauling horse saddles around in the back of a sport utility or pickup. The project uses all pre-cut lumber (the example is made of an inexpensive poplar), keeping power-tool use down to a minimum. All together, you’ll only make four cuts with the saw.

This horse saddle stand goes together fast, too. So, set aside an hour, maybe two if you’re new to woodworking, and make your very own SUV saddle stand.

Shopping List

20 1½” screws
20 finish washers
5 1″x6″x2′ pieces of pre-cut lumber
2 1″x12″x2′ pieces of pre-cut lumber
2 heavy-duty handles150-grit sandpaper

Tools You’ll Need
Skill saw
Drill with 7/64-inch drill bit
Safety glasses
Screwdriver (manual or power)
Measuring tape
Straight edge
Sanding block

Measure Twice, Cut Once
Before you rev up the skill saw, measure and mark the wide, 1″x12″x2′ boards. Your cuts help form the shape of the saddle rack. Each of the two boards gets two diagonal cuts at the top, as shown. First measure in from the top corner widthwise. Next, measure from the same corner down lengthwise. Connect the two tick marks to create a diagonal line. Make the same measurements on the opposite top corner of the board. Repeat on the second side board. Cut, following the diagonal lines. You now have the front and back ends of your saddle rack.

Pre-Drill All Holes
Using a power drill and a 7 /64-inch drill bit, pre-drill all the holes for your saddle rack. Start with the 1″x6″x2′ boards. At each corner, measure and mark 1″ in and ½” down. Now pre-drill the holes. Time-saving tip: To pre-drill the holes, measure one board and stack it neat and square on top of another board. Now drill through the stack, drilling two holes at once. You should end up with holes drilled in each corner of all five narrow boards.

Attach the Base Sides to Ends
Once all the holes are pre-drilled, you can start assembling the saddle stand. You’ll want to attach one bottom side piece to each end piece, creating two diagonal halves of the saddle stand. Then attach the two halves to each other to form a base. Thread each screw through a finishing washer before driving it into the pre-drilled holes.

Safety First

Always be careful when using power tools. Wear safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from any flying pieces of wood. Also avoid injury by keeping your hands and fingers out of the way of saw blades and drill bits. If you’re new to woodworking, seek the guidance of someone with experience using power tools.

Add the Top and Sides
Next come the top and sides of the saddle stand. Again, make sure to pre-drill holes in the receiving lumber before driving in the screws.

Finishing Touches
After the stand is assembled, run sandpaper over any rough edges. The last step is to add handles to the ends of the stand. When you’re ready, use your straight edge to measure, center and mark where you want to place the handles. Pre-drill holes, and then fasten the handles into place on each end of the saddle stand.

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