Business Spotlight: Riding Right

Riding Right is a mail order/online catalog. Our mission is to offer quality-tested, specially designed products chosen for their performance, value and prestige for horse and rider, including many exclusive items made to the company’s exacting standards.

Q: What product(s) or services do you sell?

A: We provide fine apparel and gifts for horse and rider.

Q: How, when and why did you get started in this line of business? Was there a particular niche that needed filling?

A: Over 20 years ago, we recognized a need for more high quality products at reasonable prices. We wanted to offer more options on custom-made products, as well as more handmade-in-the-USA products and all those little things that make life easier for the rider or trainer.

Q: How big is your company/business, and do you have offices or factories at different locations?

A: We are a small business and would like to stay that way. We have one location in Westminster, Maryland, a 4,000-square-foot warehouse, warehouse outlet shop, catalog and website. We sell to all 50 states and to many other countries, as well.

Q: What do you offer your equestrian clients that makes you different from your competitors?

A: We have many custom-made products; many are by local artisans and made in the USA. Some are exclusive to Riding Right. Many of our products can be customized. We offer one-on-one customer service and really get to know our customers.

Q: What is your best-selling product to date?

A: Our German-made breeches and the Bucas line from Ireland are two of our best-selling products. We also sell a lot of fitness underwear. In all these, we think it is the high quality standards that make them top-selling items for us.

Q: What has been the biggest surprise in your line of work to date?

A: How our customers love interacting with us! We hope we make them feel as good in return. We are blessed with really nice people to do business with, and, as horse people, enjoy the opportunities we get to talk with them about their horses and adventures.

Q: What has been your company/business’ biggest challenge, and how have you addressed that?

A: As the markets have changed and many companies have closed or outsourced their products, we have had to kick it up a notch to continue our pursuit of quality-made products. We put in the time to find and test many of our items to be sure we are offering the best for our customers’ dollars.

Q: Do you have any plans to expand or diversify your product line in the future, and if so, how?

A: As far as expanding the company goes, we think we will choose to stay small. We wouldn’t want to sacrifice the one-on-one relationship we have with our customers and many of our suppliers. As far as product diversity goes, we are always on the hunt.

Q: What do you like best about your clientele?

A: They love their horses and whatever discipline they follow. We know so many of them one-on-one and love our relationships with them. We are horse people, too, so we relate.

Q: If there is one piece of advice you could offer people in the market for products like yours, what would it be?

A: Stay true to real quality in the products you use. Those products will serve you well, and, at the same time, you will help support many small businesses and their employees.

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