Buyers' Guides's Buyers' Guides offer advice and shopping tips on everything from grooming supplies to equine education.


Looking for the perfect riding apparel? Search for new threads.

Barns & Arenas

Create a safe, healthy and happy atmosphere for your horses and keep it that way through savvy maintenance.

Breeding & Sport Horse Guide

Set up a successful breeding business, pick a top stallion, create a safe foaling stall and more with tips from EquiSearch’s breeding section.


The EquiSearch and horse communities are dynamic and vibrant. Explore our community buyers’ guide for links to equestrian associations, some horse humor, related products and more.


Whether you are planning a building or remodeling project on your farm, learn more in this buyers’ guide.


Whether high-tech, rustic or utilitarian, permanent or temporary, horse fencing must perform two main duties–keep your horses secure and do it safely.

Gift Guide

Need gift ideas for friends and family? That includes people and horses, of course. Find unique edibles, wearables and collectibles for that equestrian or equine on your list.

Going Green

Now’s your chance to make a difference with products and services designed for environmentally-sensitive horsekeeping.

Horse Care

Whether your horse is a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior or a pasture ornament, thoughtful care, a little modern medicine and lots of good old-fashioned horse sense can keep him comfortable and happy.


Major medical and surgical coverage can stand between you and lifesaving veterinary intervention for your horse. Find out what’s available today.


Selecting, fitting and caring for your horse’s tack can be both daunting and exciting. Read on for related articles and products.

Stalls & Matting

Horsekeeping is all about meeting needs–the horse’s, the rider’s and the property’s. Read on to learn how to achieve practical and safe stable design.


Safety and comfort should be highest on your list of requirements when purchasing a trailer. Here are some valuable tips on trailers and trailering from a variety of equine professionals.

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