Cashel Fly Masks Protect Against More than Flies

We all know fly masks protect against flies. It’s in the name, right? But nowadays they can do a lot more.

Credit: Cashel

Cashel Fly Masks are made of soft coated nylon micro mesh that block 70% of damaging UV rays. No need to apply sun-block to your light-skinned horse on those sunny days! This micro mesh also helps protect the horse’s eyes from flying debris during trailering.

Credit: Cashel

In addition, Cashel Fly Masks can come with ears or a long nose. They offer further protection from insects, sunlight and debris. With supervision and advice from your veterinarian, Cashel Fly Masks can also be used to protect eye, ear and facial wounds.

Be sure to check out the patterns and colors available from Cashel, adding style to comfort and protection for your equine friend.

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