Cross Country Training Links

Cross Country Training Links

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“Approach to Fitness and Training of the Event Horse”
Australian event rider, John Cooper, discusses his philosophies in the conditioning and training of event horses. From Horse Magazine.

“The Coffin”
Eventer David Green talks about the Coffin fence – often the fence that causes the most trouble on course – and how to prepare both yourself and your horse to do well. From Horse Magazine

“Conditioning the Performance Horse”
This article, by Lari Shea, explains at length how to go about conditioning your horse for eventing and endurance riding.

“Eventing Clinic with Matt Ryan”
Eventer Matt Ryan talks about flatwork, rider position, jumping grids and fitness – all important elements in a successful eventing team. From Horse Magazine.

“Eventing Crisis”
Top international event riders discuss what can be done to prevent more fatal accidents in the sport of eventing.

“Eventing Safety”
Australian Silver Medalist Andrew Hoy talks about important safety factors in cross country riding – approved head gear, body protector, checking saddlery for wear well as rider position and control of the horse. From Horse Magazine.

“Fitness and Training of the Event Horse”
Australian event rider, John Cooper, discusses the importance of fitness in the event horse. From the Horse Magazine.

“Riding Cross Country At Home”
Eventer David Green gives you a series of exercises you can work on at home, with jumps and equipment you already have, to prepare you and your horse for the cross-country phase of an event. From Horse Magazine.

“Riding the Bogey Fences”
This excellent article, from Australian Silver Medallist Andrew Hoy’s series “Establishing Eventing Basics” is what I look for in reading material. He mixes personal anecdotes along with exercises you can work on yourself and good practical advice. From Horse Magazine.

“Schooling the Gallop: Part One”
Donald McMiken Ph.D. discusses the differences between working at the gallop and the canter, and shows you how to safely get started. From the Horse Magazine.

“Schooling the Gallop: Part Two”
In part two of this article by Donald McMiken Ph.D., discusses the importance of instant response in the gallop, changing pace, turning at speed and jumping from a gallop. From the Horse Magazine.

“The Toothbrush”
Eventer David Green shows how to prepare your horse at home to meet this increasingly popular style of fence which can be difficult because of the optical illusion it creates. From Horse Magazine

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