Debbie McDonald: Great Draw!

August 1, 2012–Hello everyone!

Well, the jog went very well. All of the horses passed and our team looked so stunning in their outfits. I was stunned to find out Adrienne’s ride? time. She drew 37th position and goes on the second day! That was certainly not expected. We were prepared to go the first day so we could not be happier.

Wizard has continued to be a pleasure. He is trying very? hard to do the right things. All of the riders got to have seven minutes in the main arena this morning and we chose to not ride the full test but parts of the test. If he can be that happy and relaxed yet brilliant, then it would be like everything falling in place at the right time.

Adrienne is so composed and is such a beautiful picture out there. As we all know, horses are horses,? and things can happen. It’s how you handle them that really matters in the end. This will be her time to go down centerline? and show the world that she will be here for many years to come, so open your? eyes and pay attention!

I got a bit choked up this morning watching her? canter down centerline and she had a little smile. We are so fortunate to have this time here and are not taking it for granted. Thank you?to the Thomas family. They have given?Adrienne and?I?so much.?What they have done for the sport in our country is also pretty amazing! We wish all of you could be here cheering but?I am sure we will hear you even over the pond.?Your support is so appreciated and cross those fingers, toes, arm,?eyes, and anything else you can cross!

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