Debbie McDonald: Last-Minute Logistics

Debbie McDonald details the Olympic dressage team's plans to travel to the Olympic dressage venue.

July 27, 2012–So, they are off! Riders and Jenny are on their way to the opening ceremonies! So excited for them, and, after watching the BBC News, it sounds? like it will be amazing! Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day of packing? and consolidating equipment. It sounds like space is a little on the? tight side. Linda Keenan the owner of this amazing and beautiful stable we have been training at, had a going-away and good-luck party for the team. Great food and wonderful people who have made us feel at home here. I will miss them, and of course Sammie the little Norfolk pup that I would love to steal!

Olympic dressage rider Adrienne Lyle holds the Olympic torch. | Photo courtesy Debbie McDonald

Tonight, those of us left here will have dinner and then watch the ceremonies from one of the bed and breakfasts. They are scheduled? to start at 9:00 p.m. our time and end around midnight. At 2:00 a.m. the truck will? be here to load all the equipment so it will be a group effort to get? that done as quickly as possible. Tomorrow, the horses will just walk with the grooms and then I believe leave around 1:00 p.m. After they have? gotten off, Tom Meyer, Eva, Anne and myself will drive to London, return the car and then get on a train to the hotel or venue. I am still a? bit confused about that part, but I will just go with the flow and make? sure I am not left behind.

So many logistics in getting it all in place, but it is so exciting for everyone involved. Horses all schooled today early and look so ready and fit. I’m not sure about our schooling days in? the main arena, but I’m very excited to see it in person.

What a feeling that will be to canter down centerline in that arena! I am sure I will? be shedding a few tears. Hope you all have a chance to watch it from? home. Watch for our team and cheer them on! Let the Games begin! GO USA!

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