Debbie McDonald: So Proud!

Debbie McDonald is proud of the way Adrienne Lyle handled the disappointment of missing the cut in to the Special.

August 4, 2012–Hi!
I just wanted to once again to thank you all for your emails and support over this journey.

I was so proud of Adrienne and Wizard, he was just truly overwhelmed by everything. But then again, how often does one get to go into an atmosphere like that?

I continue to get compliments about Adrienne’s riding and how much talent this horse has. Unfortunately she just missed the cut into the Special, so that is a little disappointing. But we knew that she would have to be perfect to make the cut, especiallyas someone?that has not spent much time over here and is?unknown in this type of competition.

This is where our young riders need to come over and live this a few times and also the horses. But who can really afford to do that?

Adrienne got a phone call last night that her pony Captain had to be put down. She is dealing with that also amazing and said that she knows he waited until her ride was finished.

What shows me the most about a rider is how they handle disappointments, I can tell you she is the best! Not one moment of showing that she was a little disappointed, only knowing that she just had the most amazing experience of her life

I am praying for her future, this girl is someone that we need to continue to represent what is good about our sport and our country.

This will be my last update, I am going to try and get home early.?Adrienne’s parents are here and I am sure they will have so much fun together. And besides,?I am sure she would love to have a room?and bed to herself!

Thank you all again for your support and well wishes, without you it is pretty lonely out here!

Love Debbie and Team Wizard!

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