Video series: 7 veterinary skills for horse owners

An informed, confident owner is a valuable asset to a veterinarian caring for a sick or injured horse. In the August 2015 issue of EQUUS Magazine, Melinda Freckleton, DVM, outlines seven specific skills that are particularly useful for owners to have. 

As a supplement to that article, this video series features Freckleton demonstrating those skills while providing insights and tips that will help improve even the most experienced owner’s techniques. 

Taking your horse’s temperature. 

Monitoring your horse’s heart rate.

Determining your horse’s respiratory rate from the rearview. 

Determining his respiratory rate with a stethoscope. 

Checking mucous membranes. 

Administering oral medications. 

Applying medication to the eyes. 

Supplies and preparation for changing a bandage. 

Changing a bandage. 

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