Comprehensive Guide to Equine Deworming Products

A handy chart to help you decide which dewormer will work best for your horse's needs.

Parasite control is a critical component of your horse’s overall health care plan. When selecting a deworming medication, it’s most important that you choose a product that contains a drug likely to effectively control the parasites that threaten your horse’s health.

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To help, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to equine parasite control. Begin by referring to the list of deworming medications available, and the specific parasites they are effective against. Once you’ve determined what medication best suits your horse’s needs, you can reference our chart of available products to make your choice. When choosing a deworming product for your horse, keep the following facts in mind:

  • Parasites likely to threaten your horse will vary according to a number of different factors, such as your horse’s age and where he lives. If you’re not sure about your horse’s specific risks, it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian to help you develop an effective deworming plan.
  • Make sure you have an accurate estimate of your horse’s weight, and take note of the pounds dosed by the product you choose. It’s likely to do more harm than good if you administer an 1100 pound dose of dewormer to your 1500 pound horse–you may have to administer more than one tube.
  • Know your horse. If he’s difficult about oral medications, a pellet or liquid option that can be administered on his feed might be a better choice. For your dewormer to be effective, it’s essential that you give it in, not on, your horse.

Dewormer Medication Efficacy
Below you’ll find a list of the deworming medications that are available for use in horses, and the specific parasites they control. To make this guide most useful, we’ve limited the parasites listed to those known to be a current potential threat to your horse’s health.

Equine Deworming Product Guide

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