Eliminate Your Fly Problem Today


Spring is in full swing in most parts of the country, so now’s the time to take aim at flies-before they become a problem. But where to start? Tack and feed store aisles are literally littered with products. However, your first step isn’t a purchase. It’s an assessment.

Where do flies congregate? In manure, first; near standing water or other sources of moisture, like wet stalls and dripping faucets; and around sources of food.

Controlling flies means making sure that your manure is properly disposed of. And that doesn’t mean just moving the pile two feet from the back door. Flies can travel great distances, so the best option is to remove it from the property altogether. You can rake it out to dry it, or compost it properly using a compost pile, water and worms purchased at a garden store to break it down.

Repair your leaks and drips early in the spring and empty and dry any troughs you’re not actively using. Place your feed stuffs in sealed bins and pick up dog and cat waste as soon as you can and dispose of it (but not in your compost-only vegetable material can go in that bin).

Now that you’ve done your best to secure your property against flies, consider how you’ll protect your horses. There are many options-from feed-through fly control, traps and fly sprays to more natural options, like inviting in fly parasites and bats. Often you’ll need a combination of several different methods to get the best possible result.

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