Horse Trailer Tips

1. Protect him with materials and construction (such as aluminum skin over full steel frame) that withstand impact without tearing or splintering.

2. Invite him inside with a well-lit, light-colored trailer interior.

3. Make loading less stressful with a low-angle ramp.

4. Cushion his ride with rubber torsion suspension.

5. Pick a trailer size that gives him room where he needs it most-for his head and feet.

6. Stabilize the interior environment with insulation between double walls.

7. Choose light-colored exterior paint for minimal heat absorption.

8. Keep him comfortable, whatever the temperature, with screened windows and roof vents.

9. Boost his security with floor mats that provide non-slip footing.

Read the transcript of EquiSearch’s chat with Neva & Tom Scheve.

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