Equine Massage Therapy Schools

A listing of schools which offer courses in Equine Massage Therapy.

D’Arcy Lane School of Equine Massage
Located in Ontario, Canada, D’AL offers an intensive 2400 hour course, covering anatomy, physiology, theory and technique, business management and more.

Equissage – The Equine Massage School
Teaching the application of massage techniques and massage strokes. Previous
knowledge of equine anatomy and physiology required.

Animal Dynamins Equine Sports Massage
Located in Reddick, Fl., Animal Dynamics offers a range of courses in equine sports massage.

Northwest School of Animal Massage
Located in Fall City, WA, NWSAM offers courses in large and small animal massage for career seekers, as well as seminars and talks for pet and horse owners.

Prairie Winds Equine Massage Therapy College
The Equine Massage Therapy College offers a comprehensive curriculum, including massage training, horse handling training, hoof and leg care, business, anatomy and physiology.

Wilson Meagher Sports Therapy
Practiced and taught by Jo-Ann Wilson, the Wilson Meagher Sports Therapy is a world-renowned, comprehensive educational and clinical service. The program uses the same methods that Jo-Ann uses on Olympic level horses. Certification and continuing education hours are available.

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