EquiRab Rabies Vaccine`s Smaller Dose

Intervet has joined the marketplace for equine rabies vaccines with its new product EquiRab.

A low incidence of injection site reactions and side effects (less than 3%) was reported from the premarket trials but, as always, this can’t be used to predict individual risk. Compared to the other two vaccines labelled for equine use, EquiRab requires only a 1 mL dose versus 2 mL. The cost of vaccination if performed by your vet should be similar.

The vaccine is available in both a 10 mL multidose vial and in prepackaged individual dose syringes. We haven’t seen pricing for the multidose vial as yet, but the individual dose is available through at least one distributor for $5.95/day (Heartland Vet www.heartlandvetsupply.com, 800-934-9398).

Merial’s Imrab Bovine Plus (also labeled for horses) runs around $4.50 per dose and Fort Dodge Rabvac-3 about $3 per dose if you administer them yourself. However, this doesn’t include cost of the syringe and needle, which aren’t widely available as single doses although you may find Imrab single dose vials at your vet’s office or a farm store. If you use Imrab, remember you need two vials for a horse. Note: Some states require rabies vaccinations be administered by a veterinarian. Check laws in your area before deciding to vaccinate on your own.

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