Fall Blanket Woes

I cracked up when I drove past a cleaners the other day and saw a sign that proclaimed ?it’s horse blanket cleaning time!?? No, it isn?t.? it’s blanket-finding time or even blanket-buying time.? Blanket-cleaning time was last spring.? Or, rather, it was supposed to be last spring.? What likely happened was that the blankets hung on the rack gathering dust until someone couldn?t stand the sight of them any more or wanted the rack to dry saddle pads that were now collecting sweat.? The blankets ended up in the loft, covered with even more dust and probably some hay bales. Or else they went into the garage under snow tires.? Good luck in finding them, and even more good luck if they don’t have holes in the lining from nesting mice.?

Fortunately for me, I was handed my blankets last spring already in big trash bags and I put them away at home. ?Sort of ? at least they made it out of the truck and into the garage. I should have dropped them off somewhere to be cleaned, but it never occurred to me that a regular cleaners would handle them, and I didn’t yet know someone in our new locale who did blankets.?

I remember a cleaners near a racetrack where we used to live that I imagined posted an armed guard to prevent grooms coming through their clean lobby with dirt-encrusted blankets.? But, we now live in serious horse country.? Of course, the cleaners here do horse blankets!? Since my husband actually cleaned out the garage a couple weeks ago, he found my blankets still in their trash bags well before my mare will need to wear the, so I won’t have to make yet another rushed trip to the tack store for yet another warm winter layer.

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