Fall Favorites for Equestrians

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It is *finally* consistently chilly out here in PA, and brisk weather is my absolute favorite to ride in. Especially when the horses are feeling frisky because of the crisp weather (that’s always fun). 

After wearing just about the same few pieces of riding gear for warm weather, I admit I am ready to change it up. Although I’m still wearing the same three pairs of Kerrits Performance Flow-Rise Tights. It’s an addiction, and I don’t even feel guilty about it. 

The temperature isn’t low enough for full-on cold gear yet, so I’ll be featuring some great transition pieces that are functional, comfortable, and will keep you just cozy enough.

Let’s talk pants first. Leg prisons as I like to call them. At least you can be sporty and comfortable with these particular leg prisons. Kerrits Performance Tights, with the Flow-Rise waist band, and my favorite schooling pants, hands down. I wore them comfortably this summer, and have continued to do so into this fall. They are a GREAT three-seasons pant. Considering I live in leggings all other times in and out of the gym, it is no surprise they quickly became a favorite.

Kerrits Performance Tights with Flow-Rise waist band

These come in numerous colors and patterns, so it is pretty difficult to get bored of them. In fact, you will probably want one in every color after your first pair. You’ve been warned.

Fall is the time for layers. Since it’s usually cold enough for a long-sleeve and a jacket in the morning, it’s best to be prepared when you peel them off midday, sweating. Going back and forth to and from the barn this season, I tend to rotate between a couple different outer-layers. Besides my Dressage Team jacket (which you will find me in the most), my favorite medium weight barn jacket is this “bomber” type jacket from Horseware Ireland. I love its style and material, which is warmer than it appears but still breathable. I found this piece several years ago at Bit of Britain. 

I can’t take myself seriously in front of the camera

Scarves are so much fun, but you need to be careful wearing them at the barn or on your horse because of the potential safety concern. On days that it is chilly enough for me to wear a scarf riding midday, this Mountain Horse loop scarf is perfect. I have found it is great for riding because of its short length and loop-through design, which tucks easily into jackets (being a much safer bet than a long, flowing scarf during a lesson). As an added bonus, the inner material is incredibly soft.

Mountain Horse “Canter Scarf”

Now onto footwear. Nothing says fall more than “equestrian style” boots. If you actually are an equestrian, that style probably means something different than the mainstream trend that we have seen the past few years. My favorite fall equestrian boots are attractive AND functional, even fit for riding! By none other than Ariat, these Windermere casual boots have served me well for years. In the barn, out of the barn, trail riding, traveling, and even out and about, I wear them EVERYWHERE. They are breathable, waterproof, and comfortable, exactly what you should look for in fall gear!

Ariat “Windermere” Boots

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