How to Figure-8 a Bridle

Try this quick and easy figure-8 bridle technique to add polish to your tack room.

In any well-organized tack room in a hunter, jumper or eventing barn, you’ll see the bridles neatly wrapped in a figure-8 style. It’s easy to do and adds polish and professionalism to your stable management technique.

Rae Holbrook, assistant director of the equestrian program at Goucher College in Baltimore, Md., tells you step-by-step how to get the look.

Bridles wrapped in a figure-8 style hang in the Goucher College tack room. | Photo by Amy Katherine Dragoo

There are a couple of different ways to figure-8 a bridle. Here’s how we do it at Goucher:

  1. Hang the bridle by the crownpiece on a hook.
  2. Put the buckle of the reins on top of the crownpiece.
  3. Take the throat latch and wrap it counterclockwise around the bridle and reins one and a half times and slip the end through the keepers. (Don’t buckle it.)
  4. Take the noseband and wrap it once around the bridle and fasten it in the front by slipping the end through the keepers.

And voila! It only takes a few minutes for this timeless and polished technique.

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