The Foal of Your Dreams

What would your dream foal be like? Do you yearn for a particular color, or particular talents? Read on to discover your Equisearch colleagues’ fondest foal wishes.


From: Gotta Love Missy (Article continues below)

I would love a Palomino (or Buckskin) Tobiano Paint Colt . A small star on his head, but no other marking. If he had the ability to do dressage and jumping, he would be to die for. Around 15hh (as I do not like REALLY tall horses) and REALLY engages in his hocks and nicely extended. Is a ‘tough guy’ and will take on a challenge to make everyone happy. One that will do anything for me and think “I’m the best! So move out of my way, i have a job to do” when it comes to new things.

If I could pick the perfect stallion, it would be Tawna King’s 3 year-old stud. He is only 3, but a BEAUTIFUL horse and WONDERFUL temperament. I (being just 13) was able to ride him in the open without any problems. Nicely on the bit and a to-die-for-trot. He may be a stallion, but he acts like the perfect gentlemen. Has wonderful markings and the cutest bright eye. He knows his job and is a wonderful ‘baby-sitter’ to any horse or human infant.


Well, my dream foal will be arriving in March so I guess I can reply to this thread. Hopefully SHE (I’m wishin’ for a filly!) will have awesome dressage talent and a winning personality. My AQHA mare was my dream horse until she was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease. Now I’m hoping that she will pass on her superb attitude and athleticism to her foal. The sire is an imported black and white pinto Dutch WB/Friesian stallion named *Nico. He is 17hh and my mare is 15:3hh. I’m hoping for 16hh+. *Nico is from a line of KWPN that includes Samber, a great black and white pinto sport horse. is the website.



Hmm, my dream foal would be any color, a filly and definitely conformationally correct. Her dam would be Aabits White Cloud, my recently sold barrel mare. The foal’s sire would be Texas Hero, APHA,World Champion running horse and World Champion sire, one of Paint Racing’s all time leading sires of money earners, by Raise a Jet.(of course, if we could turn back the clock, I’d have the foal’s sire be my used-to-be stallion–now gelding–Call Me Bones, a QH racer and champion barrel horse by Merridoc out of a Hempen Daughter). With my mare’s brains and elegance combined with the sire’s speed, this would be the makings of a VERY nice barrel horse. I wish I’d gotten the chance to get a foal from her


I would (and may) breed my mare (16.1hh TB) to Broughton Jack Daniels a gorgeous section D Welsh Cob or with the “plus” of color (I am a sucker for a palomino – and he has superb conformation to boot – he is just a smidge short, so I would probably end up w/ a 15hh horse). I love the athleticism of Cob/TB crosses, that seem to be much more common in England than over here. I would love the temperament of the Welsh Cob and the sensitivity of the TB (without all the “hot” LOL). I want a shorter horse, 15.2hhish, and more rugged:) — Jill

From: chancesmyboy (SLIPPYNICLA)

For a TB I would want a horse from Secretariat. He is my favorite horse of all time, and a little part of the reason that I bought Chance is because they look almost identical (except Chance is 15.2 QH!).


Out of a living horse I would die for a colt out of Park-A-Jet (QH). His foals are the only ones who have consistently beaten me in the show ring, and very justly. They are all drop-dead gorgeous, and move like a dream. — Nickkie

From: LOVENIT_01 My dream foal (out of my mom’s mare) will be on the ground in mid-April. The mare is a coming 10 year old quarter horse brown mare whose sire is Doc Frosted that is out of Mr. Senjelle out of Mr. Senbar by Doc Bar. Her dam is right off the King Ranch, as I’ve heard from the gal we bought her from, with extended lines to Vandy, Buck and Yellow Jacket all of which are foundation. I’m hoping it will be a little grulla stud colt that will stand when mature to 16 hh like his daddy.

His sire is Taris Dun Smokin AQHA #3372004. I have been riding Tari, as we call him, all summer. He is a red dun and has had grullas and duns out of dark mares so I hope it is an option; his dam was a grulla and I hope that has a major influence but seeing as the mares got tons of roans in her pedigree, I don’t think that will make a major difference.

Why Tari is my dream stallion is because he is so docile, easy going, loves to please people, a real gentleman and just GORGOUS. And everyone of his colts are great to be around because they all just love attention, and are quaranteed to be your best friend.


Wow, what a neat article! If I were looking for a breeding stallion, I’d look for one with, above all, a kind, gentle and forgiving temperament. Next I’d look at ride-ability and desire to move forward. I’d like a stallion who’d rather go forward than not, but not one that’s very hot or hard to handle. Conformation would be an issue with me, but not a huge one, because my favorite sport is dressage, and total correctness of the front limbs is not as necessary in a dressage horse as in a jumper. However, I’d prefer the stallion to have harmonious proportions, and of course be 100% sound. In a perfect world, I’d like the stallion to pass on black colouring, but of course that’s very rare. I prefer either warmbloods or Thoroughbreds, but I’d love a Lipizzaner!


Out of the stallions I’ve seen advertised in Practical Horseman, Legend (KWPN), really appeals to me because of his good looks, alleged ride-ability, and beautiful kind eye. He also has lovely conformation and looks like a gentleman. One of the Iron Spring Farm stallions, Rampal (also KWPN), seems like my kind of guy as well. Not much description of temperament is given for advertised stallions, but those two have nice expressions. — Lauren

From: dekkermom My “dream” foal would be a blue roan QH stallion. A blue roan where the body is almost white with a black head, black legs, black mane and tail with no white in it and no white markings. He would be a great halter horse and go on to become an outstanding western pleasure horse.

From: MEREDITHC0 Hmmm, probably Bonjour. What an amazing stallion ( well, ex-stallion). I know one of his foals and he is a cutie! I especially love his signature star and crooked snip!!

From: MINNY68 If I were to breed my dream foal, I would be breeding my ASB mare Lady Lexus to the ASB stallion Designed. This is a beautiful young stallion who has a lot of heart and ability as well as an incredible pedigree and great personality. My mare is a bit short in the neck and long in the back, and he is long necked and short backed. His foals that I have seen are also showing the same traits, long upright necks and short smooth backs. His pedigree is such that it would compliment Lexus beautifully, as she carries a lot of old bloodlines crossed with newer ones and he has some of the same in him.


My dream foal is that yellow filly – Mojo. She became mine the day she hit the ground almost 4 years ago on April 1st. She’s a QH, old bloodlines – granddaughter of Blondy’s Dude, and a gorgeous palomino. She has both the breeding and the temperament! Even though she’s young, she’ll be my daughter’s first horse. She loves kids and will take care of even the most novice person riding her.


Come spring she’ll be bred to an own son of Mr. San Peppy that can really cut a cow and has a temperament very similar to Mojo’s. I’m looking forward to that foal because if it has it’s mama’s coloring and the temperament and ability of both the sire and dam – it’ll be awesome.

From: I’m GoNnA gO cRaZy! (NOTHINSWEETR)

I would love to breed my mare to the year’s top Hunter Breeding stallion, to get a top quality hunter. I am planning on doing this in two or three years. Color will not be a priority, I will be breeding for movement, looks, and jumping ability (to be a hunter) A good temperament would be helpful, but not necessary, since my TB may end up passing on her temperamental/pissy attitude, but since I will be keeping the foal, that isn’t a problem since I’m used to it! — Sara

From: Jadie (JADIEK1988) I would want a true black medium-heavy type build horse, possible a Percheron cross with a finer type breed. The foal would be a stunning mover and excel in dressage. All black, no white at all with a long flowing mane and tail.


Hmmm….dream foal….I would want a liver chestnut Arabian filly, around 15-15.2 hands, willing disposition, and trains easily, and of course she should have very Arab type, have a relatively quiet attitude (not dead, but not all nervous and blowing up all the time),but puffs up and gets flashy when she steps into the show ring. She should have a pretty long stride. I would mostly want her to be a hunter pleasure horse, but she should also be versatile enough to go western pleasure or halter or whatever.

Now for the stallion. I would probably choose GS Khochise+++// because he throws some NIIICE foals, that are as versatile and kind as he is. Also, I know how trainable he is because I know the guy who trained him, and he has nothing but good things to say about Khochise. Khochise is also very athletic, PLUS he has the type of head and build I like seeing in Arabians. AND, he has very nice bloodlines, with horses including Khemosabi++++// and Comar Bey Beau, and Khochise has 66% Crabbett bloodlines.



I got my dream colt (for now anyway) this past April. A 98 y/o long time App breeder died and his herd was sold. My trainer bought his stallion, black/white blanketed who looks very much like a spotted Friesian (except no feathering). When I saw him I wanted one of his foals so started figuring that I buy a mare this past spring to breed to him. A couple of weeks later, I heard that there were still a couple of mars that were bred so took Hubby out to look at them and he fell in love with one of the mars so he got her and I got my colt this April. Buck Shott H has never been shown but he will be this coming spring in Breed and Dressage. Rague (yes, that is her whole registered name)is chestnut/white. Kicks is black/white with a larger blanket, in addition to his uncountable black spots he has 3 chocolatey grey spots, no socks (like his Momma which I like). Was born with a very small star (fingernail size or a little smaller) but he has developed more splotches and has tiger stripes (like Dad). It would have been hard to come up with a colt that was closer to exactly what I wanted him to be. (Wouldn’t mind if he had no tiger stripes)


My dream Foal?

Well, I would love to breed my Creme da Bask mare to a Saddle Bred Stallion called Love’s Tuxedo. I have a son out of these two, and there is a mare on the show circuit in Florida, called CG Party Slippers that is just awesome.

I would love to breed my 17 hand Saddlebred Mare, Bandstand Boogie to a son of Bask.

I would love to breed my Foundation Quarter horse palomino mare to a Hancock bred stallion.

My Chestnut Nsh mare I would like to breed to a chestnut Arab stud of Polish breeding. — Suzy

From: Jill (SKYGIR1) I already bred my dream foal!!! There’s no stallions I admire more than my own (it’s not just mommy goggles, but that’s probably a part of it!).

A year and a half ago, I bred my multiple grand champion / national top 5 stallion, Triple H Derby Day Miracle, to my trainers’ mare, Edgewood Skip To My Lou, a gorgeous silver dapple pinto. That mare was my favorite at the stable both to look at and to drive. A month after the breeding, my trainer offered to let me buy the mare and I jumped on that chance. Derby and Lou are my favorite horses. On May 29, 2003, Lou foaled a tiny, correct and refined red roan stud colt with a star and flaxen mane and tail. His name is Whinny For Me’s Skippin Miracle (“Skipper”) and is a major love of my life.


This season, I am toying with the idea of breeding my ultra refined bay roan stallion, Lonely No Longer, to my cremello mare (was the first foal born out of a mare I own), WFM’s Morningstar. I think they’d compliment each other nicely and I wouldn’t mind looking at another buckskin horse which is 100% for sure what the two of them would make “for me”.


Well Jayne as you can probably already guess….I have mine!!!

I got my dream foal 9 months ago—she was a perfectly healthy, tall, curious and beautiful filly. Exactly what I wanted ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t care what color but I wanted a filly that combined all the wonderful traits of my favorite stallion (the Hanoverian Landkonig) and my special mare and could jump the moon. I was there from the moment she stuck her soft little nose out into the world and I had to pull her out when she got stuck and the mare panicked. She fell right into my lap and has had the number one spot in my heart ever since. I’m so proud of her–she behaves like a little lady 99% of the time and is just as sweet as can be. But then you probably already knew that.


I don’t think this will help your article but I have my 6yo dream “foal”. I’m not an aggressive rider ( I have found I’m breakable ) so when I went looking I wanted a fella laid back enough to be able to amble down the trails without taking off and breaking me, but young enough and with enough “umph” to enjoy a good race and move right along, if I ask. Toby is all that. He’s got plenty of energy but he likes to smell the same roses I do so when the kids take off down the road he and I just mosey along at our own pace — and I don’t have to argue with him about it. As for “breedable” characteristics I was looking for?

Mellow and loving personality
Short back (vs the typical long back of a standardbred)
Dark coloring

He’s got Albatross blood lines and has the same build as another Albatross gelding we had, right down to the big QH type butt.

From: luv2gait (TBUTTER1) Solid black Peruvian foal….stallion. Then my barn would bend the rules for me (they wouldn’t in reality, but this is MY fantasy, so they would) and let me keep a stallion on the property.

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