Hay Shortages Hurting Rescue Facilities

We’ve told you about the drought and the resulting hay shortage. Maybe you’ve already felt it, too, either having trouble finding affordable hay or any hay at all.

Well you’re not alone. Rescues are being overwhelmed by unwanted and abandoned horses, and the drought and hay shortage is just making things worse. Click here for a story from Nebraska. Can ?you imagine abandoning your horse’ Probably not. But apparently people are doing just that.

So, if you have room in your barn and your heart, go to www.equine.com and click on the “rescue” tab. The AIM Equine Network’s A Home For Every Horse Program is well represented there with wonderful horses.

Consider, for instance, Sassy.?She’s in California, she’s a 12-year-old Quarter Horse mare, John Lyons-grad trained, looking for a new home with a rider who can take her further in her training. She’s rated a 3 on the “bombproof” scale, which is wonderful.

You can also simply let some folks know locally that you’re willing to take on an unwanted horse. I’ll bet your vet and farrier know several literally starving for a good home.

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