Holiday Gift Guide

Breyer Model 

This beautiful Breyer Horse commemorates the incredible Arabian mare OT Sara Moniet RSI, the 2011 Arabian Horse Association Distance Horse of the Year, the American Endurance Ride Conference’s Distance Horse of the Year, the AHA’s High Point 55-99 mile Endurance Horse, and the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse’s Drinkers of the Wind Challenge Champion. 

Cost: $39.99. Contact: (800) 413-3348;

Tie-Dyed Backpack 

This backpack, available through Horse Lovers Gifts, combines bright tie-dyed colors with a beautiful rhinestone design, for a fun, functional bag. 

Cost: $44.99. Contact: (800) 767-1452;

Children’s Book

If an ice-pop stick can dream of being a horse, what magic might follow? Rosie’s Magic Horse, written by Russell Hoban and mischievously illustrated by Quentin Blake, takes you galloping through towns, jungles, and mountains in search of treasure. 
Cost: $15.99. Contact: (800) 952-5813;

Sweet-Iron Trail Bit

Designed as a transition bit from a snaffle, Weaver Leather’s 

five-inch Sweet Iron Snaffle Mouth is a mild bit that is perfect for younger horses, but also works well as an everyday bit on older, more seasoned horses. An intricate floral pattern highlights this Argentine-style bit. Cost: $88.99. Contact: (800) 932-8371;

Comfy Saddle Pad

Developed from the horse’s back up, the Professional’s Choice Comfort-Fit SMx Air Ride Saddle Pad is contoured to follow the curve of the horse’s spine. The pad’s core absorbs shock and improves saddle fit for ultimate equine comfort. 

Cost: $189.95. Contact: (800) 331-9421;

Peppermint Horse Treats

Reward your horse the healthy way! SmartPak Equine’s tasty treats are all-natural with no added sugar, and your horse will love the festive peppermint flavor. 

Cost: $6.95-$79.25. Contact: (888) 752-5171;

Senior Snacks 

Senior Snax from Manna Pro was developed with the needs of the senior horse in mind. Not only is it a tasty, easy-to-chew treat, but also it provides special ingredients that you can feel good about giving any older horse in your life. 
Cost: $6.99. Contact: (800) 690-9908;

Fun Helmet Liners

Helmets get a new look with these fashion-forward prints. These fun 
Headliners are available for Troxel’s Rebel Western helmet series. Cost: $54.95-$64.95. Contact: (800) 288-4280;

Horsemanship Kit

The Parelli Program’s HorseManShip Starter Kit combines the definitive Parelli theory guide with four essential horsemanship tools. The entry-level kit includes a HorseManShip Theory book and DVD, Carrot Stick, Savvy String, Parelli Halter, and 12-foot line. Cost: $79 (enter the code HOLIDAYHORSEMANSHIP). Contact: 855-PARELLI [727-3554];

Cologne with a Kick

Let’er Buck Cologne is an exotic mix of citrus, spice, lavender, and warm sandalwood. The fragrance comes in Vintage, as well as Sport, a lighter version popular for both cowboys and cowgirls. Cost: $39 (Sport); $69 (Vintage). Contact: (509) 439-1227;

Leather Phone Case

Back in the Saddle’s stylish Italian-leather cases are sized to fit large smartphones. The sturdy metal clip attaches to a belt loop to keep the phone within easy reach at the barn and on the trail. Cost: $39.95. Contact: (800) 865-2478;

All-in-One Grooming Kit 

The Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit includes a Stiff Grooming Brush, Soft Finishing Brush, Coarse Curry Comb, Mane & Tail Brush, Mane & Tail Comb, Hoof Pick, and case. Cost: $79.95. Contact: (800) 830-3678;

Trail Mix

Dark Horse Chocolate’s trail mix is a tasty, natural blend of almond buttercrunch toffee covered in dark chocolate, pecans, almonds, and cranberries, with a hint of sea salt. Cost: $6.95. Contact: (800) 243-2115;

Equestrian Memoir

In her new book, Soul Deep in Horses: Memoir of an Equestrian Vagabond, Merri Melde paints a vivid portrait with her moving words of a unique life irrevocably entangled with horses — the adventures, the beauty, the humor, the thrills, the fun, the fear, and above all, the love that goes deep down into the soul. Cost: $14.99 (paperback); $9.99 (Kindle). Contact:;

Western Charm Bracelet

These beaded bracelets, by Back in the Saddle, feature brightly colored beads and elegant metal charms. Bracelets stretch to fit most wrists. Cost: $19.95. Contact: (800) 865-2478;

Horse Ornaments

Whether it’s the Appaloosa Beautiful Breeds figurine, Eggnog the Rocking Horse, or the Signature Glass globe varieties, Breyer Horses’ 2014 Holiday Collection ornaments are the perfect presents to hang on the tree. Cost: $17.99. Contact: (800) 413-3348;

Horse-Trailer Mailbox

Horse Lovers Gifts’ unique, whimsical horse-trailer mailbox is a great way for family and friends to show their love of traveling with their beloved trail horses in tow. Cost: $159.95. Contact: (800) 767-1452;

Weather Vane

Paul Revere rides like the wind again with American Architectural Weathervane Company’s decorative piece. The horse and rider are made of 14-gauge steel, laser cut in one piece, then polyester powder-coated for a durable rust-and-scratch-resistant finish. Cost: $150. Contact: (323) 857-5330;

Horse String Holiday Lights 

Celebrate the season with horse power! Horse Lovers Gifts’ festive horses are ready to light up your tree. Each string is approximately 11 feet long, with 10 horses. Cost: $24.95. Contact: (800) 767-1452;

Trail Bell

This small Swiss bell can be attached to a cinch, breastcollar, or the edge of a stirrup to let other users know you’re on the trail. In camp, snap it onto a halter on a dark night. The soft tinkle can be heard as the horse moves. Cost: $5.95. Contact: (510) 299-5215;

Hand Forged Hoof Pick

This creative hoof pick is hand-forged from an actual horseshoe. Personalize this unique item with the gift receiver’s three initials or stable name. It’s also a great way to pay tribute to his or her favorite horse. Cost: $27.99. Contact: (336) 949-4120;

Cozy Socks

Every pair of Noble Outfitters wildly colorful socks is made with high-performance features, such as Opti-Dry technology for moisture wicking, and specific zones of compression and padding for comfort. Cost: $14.99. Contact: (209) 566-7800;

Horseman’s Knife

This original multiuse tool is a must-have. It features a standard pocket-knife blade, frog knife, hole enlarger, bot knife, and a hoof pick. It can be kept in the trailer or barn, but also comes in handy on the trail. Cost: $12.95. Contact: (800) 333-2202;

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