Hoof Jewelry

Like all publications, we get tons of press releases – and they help keep us aware of what’s new and interesting. ?Well, one just came in that’s beyond “interesting.”


It said, “Personalized Hoof Jewelry.” ?My initial reaction was, “What kind of knucklehead would put jewels on their horse’s hooves'”

I mean, really, how long would they stay glued to the hoof, through mud and debris’ ?Knowing my mare, she’d spend all day trying to lick them off to see if they actually taste good.

But, as I read the release, I realized that it wasn’t jewelry for hooves, it’s jewelry made out of a horse’s hooves (dogs everywhere are extremely upset by this).

It does seem that you can send your own horse’s hoof clipping, if you’d like. You can even add a diamond or other gem to the setting. Not a big jewelry wearer myself, I can’t comment on the cost. The one pictured is $105 (on sale).

Anyway, I’m wondering, has anyone actually purchased any of these pieces from Equinite Gems‘ Are they really nice’ Let us know.

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