Bonked on the Head? | Horse Head Trauma


Are you worried that your horse’s recent bonk on the head may have caused a more serious injury? If he’s lying down, unable to stand or is visibly wobbly on his feet, call a veterinarian immediately. If you’re not sure about the seriousness of his injury, try the following tests.

1) Check his eyes. Do they follow your finger? Are they alert?

2) Walk him in a very tight circle, holding on to his tail while leading him around. If he’s wobbly, he may have a head injury.

3) Get a helper to lead the horse while you hold his tail and pull it gently to the side. If he sways substantially, he may be injured.

When you call your vet, you’ll be able to report on the results of these three tests, allowing you and your vet to decide on the next course of action.