Horse Whinny: When He's Not Focused on You

Horse sounds can be fun to hear--unless

Horse sounds can be fun to hear–unless your horse keeps up a steady stream of whinny conversation with another horse when you don’t want him to.

Larry Fleming. | Photo courtesy of Larry Fleming

So what can you do to prevent it? Catch it before it happens, and here’s horse trainer Larry Fleming to tell you how.

If you haven’t “met” him yet by watching How to Bridle a Horse: Part I, How to Bridle a Horse, Part II, or The Best Way to Take off a Bridle, let me introduce you to Larry Fleming, whom I refer to as Larry the Cowboy.

Larry is indeed a cowboy–the real thing–and he’s also a horse trainer, so he’s Larry The Cowboy, Horse Trainer.

Larry is well-known up and down the Front Range in Colorado for his gentle, winning way with horses, and his ability to turn around even the most troubled horse.

Larry looks at life from the horse’s perspective, which is something the rest of us don’t always do.

In this video, Larry talks about how to get your horse’s attention back on you when he’s busy making horse sounds he shouldn’t.


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