Horse & Rider 2003 Articles Index

Belt buckle tips, Winning Ways, Nov., pg. 43
Boots by Ariat, Great Gear, June, pg. 42
Caring for straw hat, Aug., pg. 74
High Country Cowboy Co. chinks, Great Gear, Aug., pg. 36
Justin Boots chukkas, Great Gear, Aug., pg. 36
Roper outerwear jacket, Great Gear, Aug., pg. 36
Street Smart to Saddle Wise, Oct., pg. 55
Western hats by Colorado Hats, Great Gear, June, pg. 42
Western hats, Winning Ways, May, pg. 54
Wyoming Custom Leather cell phone holder, Great Gear, Aug., pg. 36

“Got ‘im,” by Chris Owen, April, pg. 33
“Little Prince,” by Eileen F. Sorg, Feb., pg. 24
“The Graduate,” by Marti Miller Hubbell, May, pg. 37
“Wallenda” by Karen A. Young, April, pg. 34

American Assoc. of Equine Practioners president, April, pg. 34
American Horse Assoc. merger, High Points, April, pg. 33
American Horse Publication Industry Vision Award, Oct., pg. 23
American Livestock Breeds Conservacy, High Points, Jan., pg. 16
American Morgan Horse Assoc. and European visitors, Oct., pg. 23
AMHA Hall of Fame inductee Bill Jackson, Breed Buzz, June, pg. 27
APHA founder receives Ntl. Golden Spur Award, Aug., pg. 27
APHA membership high, April, pg. 34
APHA officers, High Points, Jan., pg. 16
APHA sale price for Sippin Zippin, Nov., pg. 25
APHA trail ride, Breed Buzz, Oct., pg. 23
ApHC 39th Chief Joseph Trail Ride, July, pg. 29
ApHC 65th anniversary, Oct., pg. 23
AQHA color rule, News & Views, June, pg. 26
AQHA MD Barnes Silver Spur Award, Nov., Breed Buzz, pg. 25
AQHA versatility ranch horse event, Oct., pg. 22
AQHA white rule, News & Views, June, pg. 38
AQHA youth scholarships, Breed Buzz, Aug., pg. 27
Canadian Quarter Horse Assoc., High Points, Jan., pg. 16
Equestrian events and the Olympics, Feb., pg. 23
Equestrian Land Conservation Resource, July, pg. 36
FEI World Reining Series, Oct., pg. 24
Hoof fest, March, pg. 24
Horse & Rider Magnificent 7, High Points, May, pg. 38
IHSA Natl. Championship show, May, pg. 96
Intercollegiate Horse Show Assoc. Ntls., News & Views, June, pg. 32
John Lyons’ Expo, July, pg. 28
NARHA receives natl. honor, News & Views, June, pg. 34
N. American Riding for the Handicapped Assoc. phone card, March, pg. 24
N. American Riding for the Handicapped Assoc president, High Points, May, pg. 38
Ntl. governing body for eques. sports, High Points, April, pg. 33
Ntl. Wild Horse and Burro Foundation, Oct., pg. 23
NFQHA inquiries for AQHA registration, Breed Buzz, June, pg. 27
NRCHA offers associate memberships, News & Views, June, pg. 30
NRHA Hall of Fame inductees, High Points, May, pg. 38
Painted Ponies del Pueblo project, Aug., pg. 28
Pfizer donates Strongid C to police horses, High Points, April, pg. 34
Pfizer donates to NARHA, Aug., pg. 30
PtHA business office in Texas, Breed Buzz, June, pg. 27
Racking Horse Breeders Assoc. Discovery trail trip, Aug., pg. 27
Ryerss Farm seeking donations, News & Views, June, pg. 40
USA Eques. president, Alan F. Balch, High Points, May, pg. 38
U.S. Eques. Team director of reining, Jamie Saults, June, pg. 30
U.S. Eques. Team director of reining, Jamie Saults, Aug., pg. 34
U.S. Team Penning Assoc. move, High Points, May, pg. 38

Barn safety guide, Aug., pg. 67
Basket for hay rations, Live & Learn, Sept., pg. 66
Blanket washing, Sound Advice, Feb., pg. 27
Building a barn, Aug., pg. 59
Disinfecting tack, Live & Learn, March, pg. 33
Electric fence fixes, Around the Barn, Sept., pg. 68
Flooding, Horseman’s Handbook, March, pg. 27
Footing, Oct., pg. 67
Guide to fencing, Sept., pg. 71
How to Manage Mud, Horseman’s Handbook, April, pg. 37
Hunt-seat stirrup length, Winning Ways, Feb., pg.33
Labeling equipment, Live & Learn, July, pg. 80
No-sew blanket repair, Live & Learn, Feb., pg. 29
Prevent casting, Live & Learn, Nov., pg. 79
Removing debris from waterers, Live & Learn, Jan., pg. 21
Safe charger for electric fence, Live & Learn, Sept., pg 66
Slip-free saddle pad, Live & Learn, Feb. pg. 29
Spring planning guide, Jan., pg. 47
Tractors, Buy Wise, May, pg. 80
Trailer matting for senior horses, Live & Learn, July, pg. 80
Wasps in barn, Hands-On, Aug., pg. 76
Wind-proof barn door, Around the Barn, Nov. pg. 80

Adapting to a dog, Live & Learn, March, pg. 33
Barn sour, Trailwise, Nov., pg. 78
Catching in the pasture, Inner Horse, Feb., pg. 27
Choking, Hands-On, Nov., pg. 81
Conditioned response, Inner Horse, June, pg. 24
Curing clipper-phobia, Inner Horse, Dec., pg. 74
Emotions, Sept., pg. 36
Excessive mane chewing, Hands-On, Sept., pg. 62
Going forward, Inner Horse, March, pg. 27
Head tossing, Inner Horse, Sept., pg. 18
Lazy lesson horse, Horseman’s Handbook, April, pg. 36
Mounting up correctly, Trailwise, June, pg. 96
Playtime for a mouthy horse, Inner Horse, Oct., pg. 86
Reaction to dog whistle, Inner Horse, Nov., pg. 73
Shoeing problems, Horseman’s Handbook, April, pg. 37
Weaving, July, pg. 26
Windsucking, Inner Horse, Jan., pg.19

Cloning, March, pg. 26
Embyro transfer, Jan., pg. 26
Equine cloning, News & Views, Sept., pg. 21
Install a foal cam, March, pg. 38
Naming your foal, March, pg. 56
Scientists clone mule, Aug., pg. 30
Six hotshot sires, Jan., pg. 32

American Quarter Horse named official team penning breed, Sept., pg. 21
APHA horse and Hidalgo, Sept., pg. 21
ApHC CEO Wayne Hipsley, Dec., pg. 29
Appaloosas, Spotted Pride, August, pg. 27
AQHA white markings, High Points, Jan., pg.15
Arabian reining, News & Views, Sept., pg. 20
Gaited horse Internet resources, News & Views, Sept., pg. 66
Miniature horse as house pet, Sept., pg. 22
Miniature horse killed by pit bulls, Aug., pg. 30
Quarter Horse brands, Live & Learn, Nov., pg. 79
TN Walking Horse and Gene Glasscock, Sept., pg. 21
TN Walking Horse attendance records, Dec., pg. 29

Assessing disposition, Aug., pg. 40
Assessing potential, Sept., pg. 58
Selling a horse in a soft market, June, pg. 66
Selling horses, Bob Avila’s Winning Insights, Aug., pg. 70
Testing trainability, June, pg. 102
Vet-check checklist, Horseman’s Handbook, Jan., pg. 19

Equine education update, March, pg. 78
Equine education update, Dec., pg. 76

Age to introduce riding, Live & Learn, Jan., pg. 21
Keeping children safe, Live & Learn, Feb., pg. 29

El Camino del Caballo, Ft. Worth, TX, Dec., pg. 29

Arabian geldings, Conformation Clinic, Feb., pg. 65
Hind-end conformation, Sound Advice, June, pg. 87
Paint Horse fillies, Conformation Clinic, June, pg. 108
Quarter Horse yearlings, Conformation Clinic, March, pg. 71
Quarter Horse geldings, Conformation Clinic, Sept., pg. 74

Best-Laid Plans, Feb., pg. 6
Disappointing Vernon, April, pg. 19
Evolutionary Matter, June, pg. 18
Going Forward, Oct., pg. 12
Horse Pursuits, Aug. pg. 18
Maybe It’s a Guy Thing, Jan., pg. 6
Moving Matters, Nov. pg. 18
Professional Students, March, pg. 10
Second That Emotion, Sept., pg. 12
The Beholder’s Eye, July, pg. 18
The Prettiest Color, May, pg. 21

Buckskin and dun horses, May, pg. 59
Down under Thunder, Clinton Anderson, Dec., pg. 40
Eyes and what they reveal, July, pg. 70
Fear Factor, July, pg. 46
Gender Gap, April, pg. 54
Hobby Horses, Nov., pg. 60
Horse Country, Texas, USA, Feb., pg. 35
On Their Own, pro horsewomen, April, pg. 66
Over Fifty and Fabulous (Bayer Select Show), Dec., pg. 63
Schembri family ranch, June, pg. 56
Seven Days to a More Responsive Horse, Dec., pg. 51
Throw a Foal Party, Dec., pg. 66
Turn-lane exercises, Jan, pg. 22
Women’s cattle drive, May, pg. 74

Feeder height, Live & Learn, June, pg. 102
Hay savvy, Aug., pg. 78
Holiday bran mash recipe, Dec., pg. 29
Recycle feed bags, Hands-On, Aug., pg. 76
Supplements, March, pg. 74

Fly mask to cover nose, Live & Learn, June, pg. 102
Fly misters, Sound Advice, June, pg. 106
Keeping ticks away, Trailwise, July, pg. 78

Disposition, Nov., pg. 26
Famous Western horses in film, Oct., pg. 23
Haircoat color, Aug. pg. 27
Glass ceiling for women, June, pg. 27
Horse property, April, pg. 34
Horse-related jobs, March, pg. 24
Horse slaughter, Feb., pg. 24
Naming horses after birth, May, pg. 38
Supplements, Jan., pg. 16
Trading horse for goods/services, Sept., pg. 21

Make-up brushes, Great Gear, Nov., pg. 31
Riverbend Trading watch, Great Gear, Sept., pg. 26
The Unusually Gifted Rider, Nov., pg. 68
Western States Horse Expo art search, March, pg. 23

Fetlock clip, Grooming Brush-up, June, pg. 98
Pros’ Grooming Secrets, April, pg. 96
Retractable grooming brush, Nov., pg. 29
Tail extensions, May, pg. 50

Adding new feed, Sound Advice, June, pg. 94
Allergies, May, pg. 66
Applying a polo wrap, Horsekeeping Skills, June, pg. 94
Body weight chart, Live & Learn, July, pg. 80
Cast, if your horse is, Sound Advice, June, pg. 98
Cellulitis, Sound Advice, Jan., pg. 18
Choke, Hands-On, July, pg. 76
Colic, Nov., pg. 76
Cushings Disease, Dec., pg. 56
Degloving injury, First-Aid File, June, pg. 112
EHV, Horseman’s Handbook, May, pg. 41
Fractured skull, April, pg. 42
Herpes virus, High Points, May, pg. 37
Hoof problems, Feb., pg. 46
Kissing spines, Horseman’s Handbook, May, pg. 40
Lameness, weapons for battling, July, pg. 56
Lice infestation, First-Aid File, Feb., pg. 68
Mane rubbing, Sound Advice, June, pg. 92
Massage Away Pain I, March, pg. 63
Massage Away Pain II, April, pg. 83
Narcolepsy, Sound Advice, March, pg. 26
Navicular, News & Views, Aug., pg. 32
Photosensitivity, Horseman’s Handbook, April, pg. 36
Reusable ice pack, Live & Learn, April, pg. 40
Ringworm relief, Horseman’s Handbook, May, pg. 41
Rotating dewormers, Horseman’s Handbook, Feb., pg. 27
Saddling problems, Horseman’s Handbook, May, pg. 41
Scratches, News & Views, June, pg. 36
Sheath cleaning, Sound Advice, Oct., pg. 83
Shoulder laceration, First Aid File, Dec., pg. 75
Splint-bone fracture, First-Aid File, May, pg. 108
Stumbling, Hands-On, July, pg. 76
Sunscreen, Live & Learn, June, 2003
Tapeworms, News & Views, Nov., pg. 26
Thrush, Sound Advice, June, pg. 92
Water therapy, June, pg. 74
West Nile update, News & Views, Nov., pg. 26
West Nile vaccination, Horseman’s Handbook, April, pg. 36
Windy weather tips, Horseman’s Handbook, May, pg. 40

Allen, Glen, High Points, March, pg. 24
Dun Gotta Gun (horse), High Points, March, pg. 24
Enk, Bill; High Points, March, pg. 24
Kellogg, Lili, High Points, March, pg. 24
Like A Diamond (horse), High Points, March, pg. 24
Midkiff, Mary J., High Points, Jan., pg. 16
Stacey, Dodi, High Points, March, pg. 24
Tumbleweed (horse), High Points, March, pg. 24
Woolverton, Mary, High Points, March, pg. 24
Yeller (horse), High Points, March, pg. 24
Zigler, John, High Points, March, pg. 24
Zips Chocolate Chip (horse), High Points, March, pg. 24

Retirement home directory, Live & Learn, May, pg. 46

A Place for Fear, Feb., pg. 14
Every Lil’ Bit Counts, April, pg. 27
Kodo’s Secret Life, March, pg. 16
Shipped Insanity, Jan., pg. 10
Show Bloopers, May, pg. 88
Teaching the Children, May, pg. 28

Insurance FAQs, At-A-Glance, July, pg. 82

Bill banning slaughter, High Points, May, pg. 37
Discovery Trail on hold, July, pg. 30
Horse sale contract, Live & Learn, May, pg. 46
Leasing lesson horse for board, Live & Learn, April, pg. 40
Vet arrested for horse-theft, June, pg. 28

Jobs in the horse industry, Aug., pg. 49
Show horse on a budget, March, pg. 24
Splurging, Feb., pg. 30
Scrimping, April, pg. 48
Tool Time, May, pg. 48

Bright Zip, News & Views, Nov., pg. 24
Grays Starlight, High Points, Jan., pg. 16

Reeves, Connie Douglas, News & Views, Nov., pg. 25
Willis, Ronnie, Aug., pg. 30

Ambi-Rad ARC Radiant Tube Heater, March, pg. 76
American West belts, July, pg. 40
Best Friend Cribbing Muzzle, March, pg. 76
Big Tex Grille Guard, July, pg. 44
Dura Lite Splint Boot, March, pg. 76
Equest Backpack, May, pg. 111
Equell dewormer, May, pg. 113
Equiwatch Equine Information System, July, pg. 42
Hat Can, June, pg. 52
Hitching Post Supply canteen, July, pg. 40
Horse Shave, June, pg. 54
Leson Saddle Pad, Nov., pg. 28
Limpit Saddle Pad, June, pg. 50
Lucky Braids Whitener/Dry Wash, April, pg. 103
Montana Silversmith’s show number bars, July, pg. 40
Mosquito halt, July, pg. 44
Professional’s Choice horseman’s luggage, Sept., pg. 26
Rambo Supreme Turnout Blanket, March, pg. 78
SmartPak Equine Supplements and Pharmaceuticals, June, pg. 50
Sunnex Ergonomic Mats, April, pg. 100
Tack Tonic Aromatic Cleanser, April, pg. 104
Tom Balding spurs, July, pg. 40
UltraShield Tow-lettes, Nov., pg. 28
Wyngz Squareback Saddle Pad, May, pg. 112

Blueboy Dreamer, High Points, Jan., pg. 10
Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns, Nov., pg. 26
Desert Sword, Horse Hero, Nov., pg. 33
Elmer Bandit, High Points, May, pg. 38
El Ninos Poco, High Points, Jan., pg. 15
Goliath, world’s tallest horse, Oct., pg. 23
MissIsabel born during Hurricane Isabel, Dec., pg. 29
RR Star, News & Views, Aug., pg. 30
Super A La Mode “Yeller,” June, pg. 47

Avila, Bob wins NRCHA Snaffle Bit Furturity, Dec., pg. 27
Balk, Alan A., USA Eques. president, High Points, May, pg. 38
Beth-Halachmy, Eitan, Breed Buzz, July, pg. 29
Beth-Halachmy, Eitan, Inner Glimpse, Sept., pg. 28
Blandford, Kay, H&R Salutes, June, pg. 48
Dilday, Russell leads Magnificent 7, Sept., pg. 22
Hall, Kit, Sept., pg. 24
Harris, Susan, May, pg. 128
Haverty, Clint, June, pg. 38
Hoffman, Hillary, USA 2002 Jr. Equestrian of Year, April, pg. 34
Hoyt, John, Jan., pg. 72
Hunt, Ray inducted into W. States Horse Expo Hall of Fame, Oct., pg. 24
Hyde, Dayton O., 2002 AAEP equine-welfare award, April, pg. 34
Hyland, Ginger, Feb., pg. 80
James, Charmayne grants movie rights, New & Views, June, pg. 30
James, Charmayne wins barrel racing championship, March, pg. 23
James, Suzanne Norton, June, pg. 40
Krshka, Jackie, Nov., pg. 50
LeMaster, BJ, Sept., pg. 47
Lockhart, Rebecca, Dec., pg. 88
Miller, Robert, DVM, March, pg. 96
Mullins, McKenzie, Sept., pg. 30
National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame inductees, Feb., pg. 24
O’Conner, David, USEF president, News & Views, Aug., pg. 26
Palm, Lynn named Exceptional Equestrian Educator, July, pg. 34
Parelli, Linda, Oct., pg. 39
Parkinson, Mary Jane, Oct., pg. 104
Rall, Ron named World’s Greatest Horseman, Sept., pg. 22
Santorino, Gina, representative for Farnam’s products, April, pg. 34
Stoecklin, David R., April, pg. 102
Vavra, Robert, Nov., pg. 96
Watters, Victoria, Oct., pg. 24
Young, Ashley, Youth of the Year, July, pg. 29

Five Keys to Consistency with Duane Latimer, Feb., pg. 42
World Equestrian Games, Jan., pg. 36.

Beyond the Hay Days, Dec., pg. 28
Classic Horse Stories, March, pg. 91
Dressage Principles for the Western and English Horse & Rider, April, pg. 106
Hold Your Horses, Aug., pg. 38
More Than Color, June, pg. 44
Reining: The Fundamentals of Judging, Jan., pg. 67
Ride With Your Mind Essentials, May, pg. 114
Simple Steps to Riding Success, Feb., pg. 75
Small Barn Plans, March, pg. 73
The Horse Doctor Is In, Feb., pg. 78
The Horse’s Health Bible, May, pg. 126
The Horse Owner’s Problem Solver, Jan., pg. 70
The Performance Horse: A Photographic Tribute, Feb., pg. 23
The Equid Ethogram, April, pg. 118
Tschiffely’s Ride, March, pg. 94

A Genuine Diamond, Oct., pg. 26
A Little Respect, Dec., pg. 23
Size Matters, Sept., pg. 16
Soft Hands, Heart, Nov., pg. 23
The Worry Cure, Aug., pg. 25
Thinking Like Tom, July, pg. 22

Fed-Ex Your Horse, Feb., pg. 26
Hot-weather hauling tips, At-A-Glance, June, pg. 104
Tornado kills horses, News & Views, Aug., pg. 27
Tracking a stolen horse, Sound Advice, June, pg. 92
Winter-hauling, Horseman’s Handbook, Jan., pg. 18

Abusive riding, Sound Advice, June, pg. 90
Anticipating directions, Winning Ways, Feb., pg. 32
Approaching judge after class, Aug., pg. 74
AQHA Rider’s with Disabilities classes, July, pg. 32
Breastcollars and back cinches, Winning Ways, Sept., pg. 60
“Crabby” lope in the show ring, Winning Ways, March, pg. 42
Dress for success in horsemanship, Sound Advice, June, pg. 88
Grooming touchups, Grooming Brush-up, March, pg. 36
Jitter control, Winning Ways, July, pg. 74
Lights on for slick show coat, Hands-On, Sept., pg. 62
Mental toughness, May, pg. 64
On your mark for judges, Sound Advice, June, pg. 90
Overdone showmanship, Winning Ways, July, pg. 74
Pinning numbers, Winning Ways, May, pg. 56
Racing on the rail, Winning Ways, Sept., pg. 60
Relaxing your horse at a show, Competitive Edge, July, pg. 72
Restless in halter, Winning Ways, Nov., pg. 43
Show-grooming supplies, Live & Learn, May, pg. 46
Showing in the rain, Winning Ways, Nov. pg. 43
Sleek coat when weather changes, Winning Ways, Sept., pg. 60
Starter show horse, Winning Ways, Aug., pg. 74
Steady leg, Winning Ways, July, pg. 74
Top youth offer advice, News & Views, June, pg. 32
Weanling halter, Sound Advice, June, pg. 90

Billy Royal bit from Schneider Saddlery, Great Gear, June, pg. 42
Bit warming tip, Great Gear, Nov., pg. 31
Blanket care tips, Live & Learn, Sept., pg. 66
Blankets for high-withered horse, Live & Learn, April, pg. 40
Blanket time, Live & Learn, Nov., pg. 79
Bob’s (Avila) Bit Picks, Oct., pg. 34
Cruper tips, Trailwise, Nov., pg. 78
Durango headstall, Great Gear, Sept., pg. 26
Dust screen, Live & Learn, Sept., pg. 66
Ingersoll, Bobby equipment auction, Dec., pg. 28
Les Vogt’s Performax bit, Great Gear, Nov., pg. 31
McCall saddle, Great Gear, Nov. pg. 31
Metallic saddle pad, Great Gear, Nov., pg. 31
Multi-purpose tool, Trailwise, June, pg. 96
Saddle Trends, April, pg. 76
Texas Legacy saddle from Sergeants, Great Gear, June, pg. 43
Trail bridle selection tips, Trailwise, June, pg. 96
Trailering, Oct., pg. 61

Dear Sue. . . We Have Mud Too, March, pg. 12
Drummer, Dude, & Mud, April, pg. 21
Hold the Fireworks . . .Please, July, pg. 96
Hoofprints, Nov., pg. 20
Horse 4 Sail, Aug., pg. 96
Manure Happens, May, pg. 22
My Kingdom for an Indoor, Jan., pg. 8
One Bad Step, Feb., pg. 10
The Gift Horse, Oct., pg. 16
The Trainer Dilemma, June, pg. 128
Two Minutes to Glory, Sept., pg. 88
When “Me” Turns To “We,” Dec., pg. 13

Competitive trail riding, May, pg. 44
Hunting season safety, Hands-On, Nov., pg. 81
Map reading, Trailwise, Nov., pg. 78
Nervousness in large groups, April, pg. 38
Riding on public land, Trailwise, July, pg. 78
Shying on the trail, Feb., pg. 26
Snacks for horses, Feb., pg. 28
Steep inclines, Trailwise, July, pg. 78
Suburbs infringing on riding, March, pg. 30
Trail kit from Cashel, Sept., pg. 26

Barrel racing:Shoulder up, Competitive Edge, April, pg. 72
Roping: Got Brakes? with Ted Chancey, Sept., pg. 42
Showmanship: Pivot Pointers, March, pg. 44
Showmanship precise patterns, Winning Ways, April, pg. 50
Trail class maneuverability, Winning Ways, March, pg. 42
Lead-change challenge for Western riding, Dec., pg. 32

From Reiner to Reined Cow Horse, Bob Avila’s Winning Insights, Nov., pg. 38
Hind-End Power, Sound Advice, June, pg. 86
Making the Hard Harder, Dec., pg. 30

A Work Ethic, Going For Broke: Lesson 6, Aug., pg. 62
Body Control Basics, Going For Broke: Lesson 8, Oct., pg. 75
Hindquarter Control, Going For Broke: Lesson 9, Nov., pg. 64
Problem Solving, Going For Broke: Lesson 7, Sept., pg. 54
Respect, Going For Broke: Lesson 1, March, pg. 50
Sack Out & Saddle Up, Going For Broke: Lesson 3, May, pg. 101
The Art of Ground-Driving, Going For Broke: Lesson 4, June, pg. 82
The First Ride, Going For Broke: Lesson 5, July, pg. 66
Transition, Tune-Up, Going For Broke: Lesson 1, Dec., pg. 58
Whoa Means “Whoa!,” Going For Broke: Lesson 2, April, pg. 93

Balanced seat with leg-up exercise, Ride Well, Sept., pg. 64
How to Handle a Spook, Practice Pen, Oct., pg. 36
Improve Your Balance with Trot Poles, Ride Well, June, pg. 100
Shoulder suppler (human), Ride Well, June, pg. 100

AQHA Western riding Pattern II, Winning Ways, Jan., pg. 40
Build your own trail course, Feb., pg. 62
Clicker training, Live & Learn, Nov., pg. 79
Help finding quality lessons, Live & Learn, Jan., pg. 21
Hunter hack, Winning Ways, May, pg. 54
Focusing on poles, Competitive Edge, Sept., pg. 32
Lengthening canter stride, Ask A Pro, Dec., pg. 32
Perfect your position, Winning Ways, March, pg. 43
Pinpoint positioning for horsemanship, Winning Ways, Feb., pg. 32
Position on downward transitions, Winning Ways, April, pg. 50
Rail-hugging horse, Winning Ways, Jan., pg. 40
Seamless sidepass, Winning Ways, April, pg. 52
Stop drifting with Greg Wheat, Aug., pg. 73
Stride extender, Practice Pen, Nov., pg. 36
Trainer search, Live & Learn, Nov., pg. 79
Western pleasure new parameters, Practice Pen, Oct., pg. 29

Bed & barn directory, Feb., pg. 58
Cypress House Bed & Breakfast Ranch, Great Getaways, Jan., pg. 20
Horseman’s Paradise Bed, Breakfast & Barn, Aug., pg. 38
JBiT Ranch and Western Equestrian Center, Dec., pg. 28
Meadow View Ranch and Guesthouse, News & Views, June, pg. 44
Slide Mountain Ranch, Great Getaways, May, pg. 41
Southwood Manor Bed & Breakfast, Great Getaways, March, pg. 28
Vermont Rider, Your Story, Feb., pg. 53

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